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Bigg Boss 9 Grand Premiere Written Updates Episode 11 October 2015 Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 9 Grand Premiere Written Updates Episode 11 October 2015 Salman Khan :- All new season of your favourite celebrity reality show Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble has begun which is being hosted by Salman Khan and features 14 contestants who will compete to stay in the house for 105 days in a house rigged with cameras everywhere to win a Prize money of Rs 50 Lakhs.


Grand Premiere Episode of Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble on 11 October 2015 begins with Salman takes a round of new Bigg Boss 9 house, there is first floor in house for first time, every crockery has two ends like spoon is two sided, cups have two handles, there is also a fortune teller statue in the garden garden and a small swimming pool.

Elle Avram and Daisy Shah joins Salman Khan and he had some jokes with them after which all three of them entered the stage dancing on song Hangover teri Yaadon ka. After the dance, Salman Khan says that this house air is like this that if you enter here, people start pulling you from both sides, Elli and Daisy come and starts fight over Salman by trying pulling him to their side, Salman says we haven’t reached stage and double Trouble has started from now only.

Salman comes on Bigg Boss stage after which he welcomes the viewers on Bigg boss 9 double trouble, he says I believe two girls cant become friends in this house, he ask Daisy about it, Daisy says all will be able to see that in bigg boss 9, Elli and Daisy have argument whom to call first on stage, Salman says first I will send you both from here then I will call anyone else, he greets them, they leave.

Salman says a lot will happen in this season, he says I have become too much excited for this season, he says welcome to all.

Contestants started to come one by one

Contestant no. 1. Bigg Boss 9

Digangana Suryavanshi, her intro video plays, she shows her favorite jewelry and slippers, her gifts etc and tell that her parents treats her like a princess.

Digangana Suryavanshi enters stage and dances on song Baby doll, after dance, Salman welcomes her, he ask her parents that I have listened you give her bath with Milk, how come you do that in India? all laugh, mother says I wanted to make her feel like princess, Salman says she will not get that treatment in Bigg Boss house, Digangana says I will have to survive, she tells about her singing passion, she says I write and sing songs, Salman ask do you know anything about double trouble? she says I thought I will be stick to someone, all laughs, Salman says double troube means no one will go in house alone, all will go in pair, we have chosen a prince for you the princess,

Contestant no. 2 Bigg Boss 9

Prince Narula (Roadies X2 winner), his intro video plays, he says I dont like to give abuses, I get angry fast, I am romantic person, if I have come in this show then it means I have to win because it is the baap of all reality show. He also said that he slapped a guy in his previous reality show because he abused a girl and he also said a phrase in Punjabi language video ends. Salman ask Digangana do you like him? she says he is charming, she says but he told us that he get angry fast, Salman says we are giving you chance to chose between Prince and other contestant, we will show other contestant.

Contestant no. 3 Bigg Boss 9

Roopal Tyagi, her intro video plays, she says I am hoenst person, I dont like fake people, if my trust is broken then I dont trust them again, video ends, Digangana says I know Roopal by a common friend but I dont know Prince at all, Salman ask her to choose, she says confused, Digangana says Roopal doesnt like fake people and same goes with me, also I am princess and he is prince so two kings cant live in the same jungle, all laughs, Salman says what will prince do in jungle without princess, all laugh, Digangana says I dont know Prince, how can I choose him, Salman says you are rejecting Prince, your final choice is Roopal? she says yes, Roopal comes on stage, she hugs Digangana, Salman ask are you friends? Roopal says yes, she is sweet and kid, Salman says then what are you? Roopal says I am kid too, Salman says she chose you over Prince, Roopal says I would have done same as I get along with girls more than boys, Salman says what will boys do now as girls are chosing girls now, all laugh, Jallad(devil) comes on stage, Salman hugs him and meets him and makes some fun of him. He ties joint belt (one end of belt on Roopal’s waist and other end on Digangana’s waist) on Roopal and digangana waist, Digangana’s mother cries, Roopal’s mother cries too. Salman says we have media journalists for the first time on Bigg Boss Grand Premiere Dibang from ABP News, Shweta singh from Aaj Tak, and Saurav from NDTV, Salman says they will ask you questions, Saurav says to Roopal that Digangana is pampered by her parents, how will you make Digangana household chores? Roopal says I am sure she will do house work, Salman sends Digangana and Roopal in house.

Roopal and Digangana reach house, they are holding hands and check house, they come in bedroom and chooses two beds beside each other.

Salman says lets welcome next contestant.

Contestant no. 4 Bigg Boss 9

Suyyash Rai, his intro video plays, he says nothing is better than entering the house with my love, she is my life and I am very happy that I am going in with her.

contestant no. 5 Bigg Boss 9

Kishwer Merchantt, enters stage, she dances with Suyyash, they dances romantically on Ae mere humsafar song. after Dance, Salman welcomes them, Salman says you both are dating from 5 years? Kishwar says 5 years will complete on 9 January 2015, Salman jokes will it happen after going in this house? all laugh, Salman ask who is trouble in your relation? Kishwar says Suyyash, Salman ask Kishwar how well you know Suyyash? she says very well, their compatibility video plays, they are asked different questions about each other, their answers don’t match much, Kishwer laughs and says opposite attracts, Salman says your partnership will not work in house but you both are not going as couple in house, we will give Kishwer two options and you have to choose one from them, first option is Prince Narula, his intro video plays again, Salman ask Suyyash what you think? Suyyash says he is from Chandigarh, its fine, Salman says you are not possessive at all, right? Suyyash says I am protective but not possessive, Salman says girls interpret it as jealousy, Kihswer says who is other option.

Contestant no. 6 Bigg Boss 9

Aman Yatan Verma, his intro video plays, he says I like to try different things, media ask him about controversy, Aman says nobody asked me about it when it happened so I don’t think people will ask me about it now, video ends, Salman ask Suyyash if you had to chose from Prince and Aman then who would you chose? Suyyash says Aman, Salman ask Kishwer whom you will chose? Kishwer says I choose Aman Verma, Salman ask why rejecting Prince? Kishwer says I don’t know him so I would be uncomfortable with him, Salman says ok, he welcomes Aman verma, Aman hugs Salman, Kishwer and Suyyash, Salman says to Aman that Kishwer is your partner, Aman says I know her from 17 years, she is always been fun, she is fantastic, he says Suyyash is wonderful guy, Salman says you are partners, what else do you know? Aman says anything can happen in house, devil brings belt, Salman ties joint belt to Aman and Kishwer’s waist, Shweta ask kishwer if suyyash get choice between girls then what? Kishwer says I would want him to choose hotter one, ABP reporter Dibang ask why didn’t you chose the one who can grab more light and camera? Kishwer says why you think Aman cant grab camera, Dibang says Prince has been denied by two contestants already, I feel he is favorite already, Salman send Kishwar and Aman to house.

Aman and Kishwer enters house, they meet Roopal and Digangana, aman says house is nice, Roopal says we have chosen our bed, Kishwer chooses her and Suyyash’s bed, she says I am doing planning from now only, they laugh, Kishwer says Roopal and Digangana can go to washroom together too, all laugh.

On stage, Salman ask Suyyash to wait in lounge, we will call if anyone chose you, Suyyash leaves, Salman says lets ask Prince what he feels, video call is connected to Prince, Prince says I am not rejected in life this much as i have been on this stage, Salman says whom you thought would suite you? Prince says i liked Digangana, she was sweet, she says said she is lioness but I am Prince, all laugh, video ends, Salman says lets welcome another contestant.

contestant no. 7 Bigg Boss 9

Rimi Sen (actress), she dances on stage on song Dilbar Shikdum. Salman welcomes her, she says I am really happy to see you after so many years, I saw you last time in 2005 Kyunki film that we have done together, Salman says we did film Kyon ki, Rimi says I dont know how I have come in this show, I cant garner controversy, I dont make much friends but i am entering direction so i will have warm up in bigg boss, Salman says you will go in pair with someone else, we will give you two options and you have to choose one, Salman gives her choice, first is Prince Narula, his same intro video plays again, Salman ask what you think about him? Rimi says i dont know him but i find him interesting, he is opposite to me, Salman says you will get one more option, other option is suyyash, his intro video plays, Suyyash says i am a punjabi, i am passionate, i dont like fake people, my weakness is food, my girlfriend doesnt know how to cook food but i have to bear with that, i am very protective about my love, my gf, his video ends. Rimi says i dont know him too but if i reject anyone then he will become my enemy, you shouldnt have given me option, Salman says whats your choice? Rimi says Prince is totally opposite to me, i can balance with Suyyash, she chooses Suyyash as her partner.

Salman welcomes Suyyash again, he comes and greets her, Salman says you got what you liked? Suyyash says i didnt get any option, i am happy in whatever i have got, Salman laughs, Salman says she likes you over Prince, all laugh, Salman says you need to guess what Rimi likes, Salman ask who is Rimi’s favorite actor? Suyyash says Amitabh, she says i likes Salman as i have worked with him, Salman ask what is Rimi’s favorite ice cream flavor, Suyyash says chocolate, Rimi says i dont eat ice cream, all laugh, Suyyash says i am happy with my partner, Suyyash’s mother says to him that take care of yourself and Kishwar, he says i will take care of her, Saurav from NDTV ask Suyyash how he will balance between Rimi and Kishwar? Rimi says i will become common friend of both, Suyyash says its my job to balance and i will, ABP reporter Dibang ask Rimi that you have to fight, use slangs in house, will you be able to do that? Salman says you are watching different show, it doesnt happen in bigg boss, Saurav ask what will happen to Prince? Salman says lets see, he ties joint belt to Rimi and Suyyash’s waist, he sends Sayyush and Rimi in house.

Kishwer-Aman are checking house. Rimi-Suyyash enters house, they meet everyone, Kishwer tells Suyyash about bed she has chosen, Kishwer ask Suyyash what was 2nd option? Rimi says i got 2nd option that was Prince, i thought he is very different from me, Kishwer says we will become Prince’s friend when he enters house.
On stage, Salman says 3 couples have entered house, now lets welcome next contestant.

Contestant no. 8 Bigg Boss 9

Yuvika Chaudary (actress), she comes on stage, Salman welcomes her, he ask why you are entering house? if i was in your place i would have not gone in house, Yuvika says i have not left house for so long earlier, Salman jokes you will not leave bigg boss for 3 months too, he says you have to choose your partner, you will be given two choice, he shows first choice Prince Narula, his same intro video plays again, Salman ask do you know him? Yuvika says i dont know him, Salman says he is a star but no one knows him, Salman ask will you make him your partner? Yuvika ask if there is any other option? Salman says all are asking other options seeing him, Salman says we will give you another option.

Contestant no. 9 Bigg Boss 9

Vikas Bhalla (actor), he says i am very friendly and a very nice dad, i dont get angry usually but i like to do work on time, i dont like lazy people, if anyone will not do work in house then i will punch them, video ends. Salman says Prince is nice, he has tattoo, he has spiked hairs, Yuvika says i feel Vikas is more genuine, he is nice person, she chooses Vikas, Vikas comes on stage, he says i have not seen her before, Salman says Vikas sings very well, he ask her to sing for Yuvika, Vikas sings Kinna Sohna Tainu Rabb Ne Banaya, Yuvika says i will not get bored with him, Salman says will you ask him to keep singing in house, devil brings joint belt, Salman says this belt will make your partnership strong, he ties belt on Vikas and Yuvika’s waist, Vikas’s daughter hugs him and gifts him their photo, ABP reporter Dibang ask Yuvika why did you not chose Prince? Yuvika says i dont know, i dont like him, he is different from me also Vikas is very simple guy, Saurav says to Vikas that you dont seem to be a Bigg Boss guy, Vikas says i am not here to create controversy, i got fame when my song released, i want to taste fame again for my kids and this show is stepping stone for that.

Vikas and Yuvika enters house, they are welcomed by other members, Yuvika tells other option was Prince, i didnt chose him, Aman says all are rejecting him.

Salman says it is said that all good things come in pairs, you will decide that in bigg boss 9, he welcomes another contestant.

Contestant no. 10 Bigg Boss 9

Mandana Karimi(model/actor), she comes on stage and dances on Manali Trance.

Contestant no. 11 Bigg Boss 9

Rochelle Maria Rao, she dances on song Yaar na mile.. after dance, Salman welcomes both contestants, Salman ask Rochelle to describe her, she says i am fun loving girl, Mandana says i am mix of shy and bold, Salman says what kind of mix is this? Mandana says i am shy sometimes and sometime bold, Salman says what is timing of shy and bold.. she says depends on mood, Salman ask what is double trouble? Mandana says it is mix of shy and bold, all laugh, Salman ask why you both asked to dance together? Rochelle says because when two beautiful ladies take the stage then it brings out best performance, Salman says you both are beautiful that it doesnt matter for people what you are saying, you dont believe me? i have experience of 5 seasons, all laugh, he says you both will be given choice of two people, you have to chose one as your partner, he shows first choice that is Prince, his same intro video plays again, Salman says one has to choose Prince from you both, he calls Prince on stage.

Prince Narula comes and hugs Salman, Prince meets Rochelle and Mandana, Prince says my intro has come for 7 8 times, Salman ask Rochelle and Mandana who will take Prince, one has to sacrifice, Mandana says i will sacrifice for Rochelle, Prince says i feel i will go till finale and will win this show, Salman ask Rochelle will you take Prince as partner? she says no, Salman ask Mandana, she says no to Prince and says i am tall so i would not suite him, Salman says so you wouldnt have taken me too inside house because of height? Salman says twist is that you both will not choose Prince but Prince will choose from you both.

Prince gets happy and hugs Salman, Salman ask Prince to choose, Prince says i dont know anyone of them and height doesnt matter, he chooses Rochelle as his partner, Rochelle asks him to think again, he says decided, Salman ties belt on Prince and Rochelle’s waist, Prince’s sister says that you will win this show and hearts of people, Reporter Shweta Singh from Aaj Tak asks Prince why people are not choosing you? Prince says i should have worn jacket in my intro video to give good impression, all laugh, Prince says you win any show by playing fairly, people might have rejected me because they were afraid of their lovers and that they might get attracted to me, but i am telling you i will be standing on Finale here and i will win, reporter says i feel all house members will gang up against you and will throw you out in first week itself, Salman says his way of talking is different thats why people didnt choose him.

Prince and Rochelle enters house, all welcome Prince, Rochelle tells he chose me, Kishwer jokes that finally he got chance to choose.

On stage, Salman says to Mandana that you rejected Prince, then Prince rejected you, so its double rejection and rule is if you get rejection twice then you cant enter house so you have to leave now, you cant go in, Mandana says ok, she hugs Salman and starts leaving, Salman says stops her and says i was joking, he says we will show you options as your partner now, another contestant video plays.

Contestant no. 12 Bigg Boss 9

Ankit Gera, his intro video plays, media person ask him that in three years, you had three relationships, arent you going too fast? Ankit says are you sure you have counted rightly? i dont remember too, reporter ask if you get your old girlfriend in house then? he says i dont have problem with anyone, reporter ask is it true that you were in relationship with two girls at a time? Ankit says girls gossip and boys get stuck in all this, video ends, Salman ask what do you think about him? Mandana says atleast he is honest, show me more, Salman jokes that colors please open your record book, she wanna see more options, Salman shows another option.

Contestant no. 13 Bigg Boss 9

Keith Sequeira, his intro video plays, he says i like intelligent girls, i feel girls tell me about their secrets which will be my plus point in house, video ends. Mandana says i choose keith, he is very easy going, Salman welcomes Keith, he ask Keith are you happy with Mandana? he says my girlfriend is on show too, she is Rochelle, Salman says i am not understanding what is going to happen, she is tied with someone else, you will be away from the person(Prince) with whom Rochelle is ties, Mandana says Prince, Ankit and now Keith’s girlfriend will hate me, Keith says no she will not hate you, Salman ties belt on their waists.

Aaj Tak reporter Shweta Singh says to Mandana that you are blunt and straight forward, how will you survive? Mandana says i have quality that if i dont like anything then i say it openly, Shweta says will it work in house? Mandana says everywhere some people like you and some dont but you dont have to change, reporter Saurav says guys will try to flirt with you in house, Salman ask how do you know? he says i feel so, he ask what will you do, will you appreciate or reject it? Mandana says both, reporter ask keith that we have seen couple breaking up after show, what about you? he says its only 3 months show, Salman sends them in house.

Keith and Mandana enters house, they are welcomed by other contestants, Keith hugs Rochelle, Rochelle reads rules that no one is allowed to sleep till lights go off.

On stage, Salman says Ankit was rejected by Mandana, lets welcome him, Ankit comes on stage, he hugs Salman, Salman ask what about rejection? Ankit says i will say she was tall so would not suite me but girl was nice, Salman says you have choice, Salman shows first choice is Digangana and other choice is Rochelle, Ankit says i know dignagana and i have seen Rochelle, Salman ask him to choose from them, Ankit says i am confused, he ask Salman to choose one finger, Salman says leave it, i will give you one more choice, that is Kishwar, Ankit says she is my friend’s girlfriend so not here, Salman says last choice is Rimi, Ankit says i dont know, Salman says all these girls have already rejected you, fact is that we are giving you one partner, now we will show you performance of your partner, Salman welcomes Anikt’s partner.

Contestant no. 14 Bigg Boss 9

Arvind Vegda (singer), he dances on song Bhai Bhai. after dance, Salman welcomes him, he ask how are you> Arvind says i am great, Salman jokes with Ankit that Arvind might come in your dreams as ghost, Salman ties belt on their waists, Arvind sings song, reporter Shweta says Ankit that you are shown as casanova, is their any chance of flirting? Ankit says i have no idea, reporter Saurav says your image is that you are a flirt, two-timer is it true? Ankit says this is all what has been written about me but now people will see me, Arvind says to Salman that i like your song selfie le le re, Salman takes selfie with Ankit and Arvind, Salman says these two brother, last contestants are going in house, he sends them in house, Salman says 7 pairs have gone in house, he thanks reporters from news channels, Salman says you all must be thinking how double trouble will start from tomorrow, but it will start from now only.

Bigg boss says to contestants that every season comes with new idea, this season, all will play in pairs till end, you all must be wanting to rest and must want your luggage but you have to take decision first, Kishwer says girls should get bags, Bigg boss says that only one’s luggage will come in house from pairs, so pairs have to decide whose luggage should come in house from two means one pair will get only one bag, all are tensed listening it.

Salman says bigg boss double trouble has started, Monday-friday will be from 10:30pm and weekends Saturday-Sunday will start from 9:00pm.

Highlights of Bigg Boss 9 Grand Premiere Episode

Prince Narula got rejected by 4 girls on Bigg Boss 9

Salman Khan danced with both his past love affairs Elli Avram and Daisy Shah

Ankit Gera ex girlfriend Roopal Tyagi is also on Bigg Boss 9 as a contestant

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