Bigg Boss 9 Episode 14 October 2015 Written Update Phobia Tasks Mandana Karimi Fight Prince Yuvika Romance

Bigg Boss 9 Episode 14 October 2015 Written Update Phobia Tasks Mandana Karimi Fight Prince Yuvika Romance :- Today was the 3rd Day of the Bigg Boss 9 house where the Phobia Tasks continued again and we also have seen new love birds in the house Prince & Yuvika also Mandana Karimi had a fight with the housemates checkout full written details of BB9 Day 3.


Bigg Boss 9 Day 3


All wake up to song. they dance.


Keith ask Rochelle to take tea, Prince jokes that bigg boss should tie them together, Rochelle says this is our love that even if people try to separate us, they wont succeed, Mandana takes Keith aside and says tell your girlfriend that i am not going to separate you and Rochelle, she taunted me, Keith says she must be joking, Rochelle comes there, Mandana ask do you think that i am trying to separate you and Keith, that i am roaming around with your boyfriend, Rochelle says i was just joking, you are taking it personally, Mandana says bigg boss i dont wanna come ibetween bf and gf, Rochelle hugs her and leaves.

Keith says to Mandana that you are little self centered and it is fine, it will create problems for you in later days, you didnt sleep yesterday thats why you are on edge today, thats why you got angry on Aman too, Mandana says your girlfriend keep asking you things like give her tea, clothes etc but she should know that i am with tied to you, i am getting stuck in all this, Keith says i am just saying that you need to be little soft else it will be problem for you.


Rochelle says to Mandana and Keith that you both need to get along with others a little more, i am not saying to talk to everyone but you should sit and talk with others, she says to Keith that i saw you both were talking in corner while everyone was talking to each other, you need to make friends here, you need to get along with others, Keith says i know.


Bigg Boss says next task/phobia is ‘Melophobia’ which is related to music, Suyyash and Rimi will decide who will do it, they discuss, Suyyash says maybe they have to sing song, he says lets give it to Kishwar Aman, Rimi says yes it seems easy, bigg boss ask Suyyash and Rimi, Suyyash says we are giving it to Kishwar and Aman, they take it, Rimi says it will be fun.

Aman and Kishwar come in activity area, they have to play mouth organ but mouth organ will be in mouth of dead fish, they have to play it till siren plays, everyone see them on Tv, suyyash says i love you baby but i didnt know about this, Aman starts playing mouth organ placed in jaws of fish, siren plays, he stops ans kisses fish, Kishwar says yuck, now Kishwar’s turn, she plays mouth organ while holding fish, she feels disgusted but keep playing, siren plays, their task is done, Kishwar says its stinking, Kishwar and Aman come in lounge, suyyash comes and hugs Kishwar, he says i am so proud of you.


Bigg Boss says next task is “Chaetophobia”, it is related to hairs, Yuvika and Vikas will decide who will do it, Vikas discusses it with Yuvika, he says Suyyash will do anything but Rimi is problem, it can be like shaving off eyebrows, he says let it give to Aman and Kishwar, they tell bigg boss that Kishwar and Aman will do it, Aman and Kishwar goes.

They come in activity area, they have to apply facepack of hairs, they apply hairs filled facepack on their faces, they are disgusted, after a minute siren plays, their task is done.
Prince says to camera that people are not giving us task as they think we are strong.

Rimi says to Kishwar that we gave you task as we thought it will be easy for you, Suyyash says to Kishwar that why didnt you give me task of eating for 15minutes, Kishwar says what would you have done in that task? it was not easy and one person wouldnt be able to do it, Suyyash says i would have tried, i would have eaten for 15minutes, Kishwar says i didnt know what was the task, Suyyash says even i didnt know the task but i gave chance to you, Vikas didnt even eat for a minute, i could have tried, you dont understand anything, he gets angry on her, Kishwar feels bad.

Bigg Boss says next phobia is “Trypanophobia” which is related to needles, he ask Roopal and digangana to decide who will do it, they go in corner and discuss that Suyyash will do any task, he is ready to do any task but Rimi is skeptical, we have to decide team which cant do the task, they laugh and says sorry Suyyash, bigg boss ask Roopal and Digangana, they says Rimi and Suyyash will do it, Bigg boss ask them to go in activity area, Suyyash says to Rimi that i promise you if its needle then it will not be any problem. Suyyash reads that Suyyash and Rimi have to engrave bigg boss’s permanent tattoo on their hands, they can leave task but the team which gave task to them will be winner, Kishwar sees it on camera and says i would have done it, Suyyash ask Rimi if she is ready to do it, she says no, she says i wont apply bigg boss’s tattoo on my hands, suyyash says i will not sacrifice everytime, i was ready to shave off my head too but if you dont cooperate then i will be angry now.

Rimi says i wanna see size of tattoo first, Suyyash says to bigg boss that i cant force her, she is an actress and she doesnt wanna apply tattoo, but i am very serious about it, let us show size of tattoo, bigg boss says you have read the instructions, you can leave task if you want, Suyyash says show us size of tattoo once, i also know how to create trps if you want but i am very serious, its our right that you show us size of tattoo, bigg boss doesnt answer back, Suyyash says lets sit on chair and go inside activity area, we will see size there, they go inside activity area, they see tattoo.

Rimi says its very big, Suyyash says even font is not good, i am not mad to keep bigg boss tattoo for whole life, he ask bigg boss that i dont mind putting tattoo of bigg boss on my hands, i have tattoo on my whole back, he will do his task but he wants to select fonts, he wont raise flag as he is ready, he says we will take off our mikes, she says it will be breach of rules, Suyyash says that mandana also took her mike off but she was not warned why? because she has foreign accent, he takes Rimi with him from activity area without raising flag.

They come in lounge, Prince says if my partner would be ready then i would have applied tattoo.
Mandana says to Suyyash that i like you, i knew it that people will taunt me that i am foreigner and will be favored by bigg boss but it was sad that i got to listen it from person i genuinely liked, she hugs him and leaves.

Mandana says to Keith that Suyyash is miffed as his partner is not cooperating with him thats why he said it. Rochelle says to Suyyash says that he should say sorry to Mandana. Suyyash comes to Mandana and says i dont know how my words were projected on Tv, i respect girls, its against my rules to disrespect girls, i cant be rude to girls, Mandana cries, Keith says you called her foreigner, it was taunting her thats why she felt bad, Suyyash says i am really sorry, i will die of embarrassment, Mandana hugs him, he ask her to not cry.

Bigg Boss says phobia task is done;.


Mandana says to Yuvika that i couldnt sleep last night because of snores around me, people around me snores alot so can you change places, i cant sleep, Prince says lets change place of Ankit and Arvind, he says lets shuffle places daily, rochelle says i dont wanna get involved in all this, lets go, i wanna change, Mandana says Prince its not your problem, let us decide, you dont give suggestion, Prince says we are like family here so we are trying to solve problems, Yuvika is my friend too, Rochelle takes Prince aside and says Mandana told me that dont get involved in all this, Prince says i was taking Yuvika’s side, Rochelle says its girls problem, dont get involved, Prince says its very difficult to live with you all.

Prince says to Arvind that Mandana is not thinking about anyone, she wanna change her place, i gave suggestion to shuffle on daily but she asked me be out of all this, Ankit says Arvind has not slept easily for three days, Mandana comes there and ask Ankit he is able to sleep like this? Ankit says i dont have choice as i am with my partner, Aman says we have to compromise little, Prince says thats what i was saying, we have to swap places so all can have peaceful sleep, Mandana says two people were snoring beside me, i couldnt sleep for second, Aman says you have to compromise a little, we have to change places daily, Mandana says i am fine with my bed, Yuvika should change her place because of Vikas, Mandana says i am done with this conversation.

Aman says then find solution of this problem, Mandana says this is problem of me and Yuvika, let us decide, we didnt ask your opinion, she leaves, Prince comes to Mandana and says we are saying that we should rotate places daily so that all will get sleep for a night.
Kishwar says to Rimi that Mandana is cracked, she has no brains, Prince is saying that Yuvika is suffering because of Vikas’s snores so we should change places but Mandana clearly said that she wont change her place.


Kishwar says to Suyyash that Mandana was saying to Aman that i dont see you working in house so you will wash utensils from tomorrow, is she captain? Kishwar gives slang for her, Kishwar says i asked her if she is making rice as she said she will so she told me that Roopal asked her to not make it, when i asked Roopal, Roopal had no idea about it, all laugh, they all make fun of Mandana.

BB9 Day 4 PRECAP – Mandana is not happy with her place of bed, she says to Rochelle that Keith is my partner, Rochelle says your partner is my boyfriend, Mandana says so what.. Rochelle cries at night, Keith comes and hugs her, she says i cant even talk to you, i wanted to spend sometime with you, he consoles her. In confession room, Rochelle says even when i am crying, people laugh at it which affect me, Prince comes in confession room and says not many people are able to adjust here, they are faking it. Suyyash says to Rimi that Aman keep dragging Kishwar everywhere, she doesnt say a word to Aman, i mean if Aman wants to go somewhere why he drag Kishwar with him? she can say no to him but she doesnt say anything to him. Suyyash is not happy with Aman-Kishwar’s pair, Kishwar is tensed. One pair will be selected who will become first captain of house, task is that pairs have to stand in yoga position.

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