Bigg Boss 9 Day 5 Episode 16 October 2015 Written Updates Video New Jodi Partner Change Swap

Bigg Boss 9 Day 5 Episode 16 October 2015 Written Updates Video New Jodi Partner Change Swap :- First week of Bigg Boss 9 is about to get over and already we have seen a lot of drama like Mandana Karimi fights, Phobia Tasks, Captaincy challenge and more. Now its Day 5 and we will give you all the updates about what happened in BB9 house on Thursday checkout :-


BB9 Day 5 Written Episode Full

In the day 5 of Bigg Boss 9 all the housemates were being asked by Bigg Boss to gather in the living area and he told them he is giving them a chance to change their partner as only 2 contestants will get this opportunity for which they have to convince captains Vikas and Yuvika.

Captains Vikas Bhalla and Yuvika Chaudhary spoke to each contestant one by one and while most of them refused to swap as they were happy with their pair, two contestant pairs – Rimi Sen-Suyyash Rai and Aman Verma-Kishwer Merchantt requested Bigg Boss to swap their partners.

But, Bigg Boss is the ultimate person and he rejected this idea because of the fact that Aman-Kishwer had performed the tasks very well. So captains instructed Prince Narula and Rochelle Maria Rao to swap with Rimi and Suyyash.

So now you will see Rimi and Rochelle together, while Suyyash will be seen with Prince

New Bigg Boss 9 Jodi’s

Prince and Suyyash

Rimi and Rochelle

The other pairs will remain the same.

On Day 5 in Bigg Boss 9 house Roopal was seen chatting with Digangana about Ankit and during this conversation she confesses that she still has a soft corner for him but there is no feelings of love at all.

Kishwar Merchant and Vikas Bhalla were being given their bags back by Bigg Boss for their wonderful performances in Captaincy challenge and Phobia tasks.

Bigg Boss allowed contestants to buy limited amenities from the fashion, home and electronics section through the Snapdeal app. While their lives may get a li’l more comfortable by this announcement, we must understand that it is a limited purchase and they made most out of it by buying necessary items like Refrigerator.

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