Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 Kanwaljeet Singh Entry New Captain Name Episode 20 Nov 2015 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 Kanwaljeet Singh Entry New Captain Name Episode 20 Nov 2015 Written Updates :- After the arrival of Mandana back in the house from Secret Room, the dynamics of the game of Bigg Boss are completely changed as we have seen how the drama queen of the show sidelined Rochelle and she also back bites about her with Rishabh. So, now it will be interesting to see what will happen in the BB9 house on day 40 and we will reveal all this in this post further.


Bigg Boss 9 Day 40 Synopsis

On Day 40 in Bigg Boss 9 housemates woke up to morning song Ramji Ki Chaal Dekho. Later Bigg Boss asked suprivisor Rimi to name the winner team in Naughty Children Task.

Rimi takes the name of Team A (Rochelle, Prince, Rishabh and Kishwar) and then bigg boss tells them to decide the name of three people who they want to be the next captain except Mandana.

They decide the names of Rochelle, Prince and Kishwar on majority basis and Bigg Boss tells them that soon there is going to be a task between them for next captain.

It was a task to hold the bowl for 6 hours whoever has more water in their bowl at the end will win the task. Supporters of each competitor can torture the other challengers.

Rishabh uses dirty tactics to irk all three competitors as he has thrown spices on Rochelle and Prince faces but Aman came as a saviour as he wiped the spices off.

After all this later in the evening wild card designer Kanwaljeet Singh entered the Bigg Boss 9 house. Everyone got too much excited after seeing him. He tells Kishwar why are you trying to control Prince along with Suyyash or do you want them both.

Kanwaljeet played a trick as he thrown some water out of Prince bowl after which Kishwar won the captaincy task

Kishwar Merachant is the new captain of Bigg Boss 9

In the end Aman reads a latter where Bigg Boss tells that their luxury budget got zero because of Rimi’s bad performance as a suprivisor in the Naughty Children task.

All the other housemates back bites about Rimi while on the other hand she was seen laughing

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