Bigg Boss 9 Day 38 Mandana in Secret Room Episode 18 November 2015 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 Day 38 Mandana in Secret Room Episode 18 November 2015 Written Updates :- Popular Indian reality show Bigg Boss season 9 Double Trouble is getting more spicy with every passing episode as we have laughed a lot in the previous two episodes when house turned into a baby care center and now its time for some serious business as the worst performer of the task will be decided.


Bigg Boss 9 Day 38 Synopsis

Day – 38
Time – 7:20am

shake your bootiya song plays, inmates wake up and dances together.

Time – 8:45am

Rimi says ,,
Rochelle says to Mandana that i was only one to be sane in task and didnt lose my cool so i was best performer, Mandana says Prince lost his cool again and again, and Kishwar kept cool, that was their game.
Rimi says ,,

Time – 11:10am

Mandana says to Rochelle that Suyyash is not that bad without Prince, Rochelle says he talked to me nicely, he is with Kishwar for 5years so you dont realize that where Kishwar ends and where Suyyash starts, Mandana says when Suyyash became captain then we saw his personality, he talks to you, he calm, composed and very sane when you talk to him alone but when he is with Prince, he just shout.

Time – 12:25pm

Rimi is in confession room, Bigg boss says you were supervisor of task so bigg boss want you to tell name of person who was worst in task, Rimi says i was worst in task and if you are talking about team-mate then it was Mandana, she was ill but shew was playing game and had argument with Rochelle and gave up game, Rimi leaves.
Rimi comes out in lounge, Suyyash ask what happened? Rimi says nothing important, it was time pass, Suyyash says bigg boss calling you in confession room is time pass for you? she says my face will get telecast-ed.

Kishwar says she cares for this only, Bigg boss says that we told you this task will have impact on nominations and eliminations and as per Rimi, Mandana was worst in task so she is eliminated, she should pack her bags and should to go out of house from back door, all are shocked, Mandana cries and hugs Rishab, she goes to pack bags, Rimi says to Kishwar that most strong contender is going? maybe someone else is coming, Mandana says to Rochelle that be strong, use your mind and dont let anyone use your mind or heart, Rochelle cries, Mandana says to Suyyash that you are good at heart, dont let anyone rule you as that is not you.

Rimi says Mandana made bank balance and going now. Mandana says Digi was disappoint for me, she meets Aman and hugs him. Rimi says to Kishwar that if i knew then i would have given someone else’s name. Mandana gives her group name “MARR” (Mandana, Aman, Rochelle, Rishab), Mandana leaves house from back door.

Mandana comes to secret room, Bigg boss says Mandana is not eliminated but sent to secret room of house. Mandana cries and sit in in room.

Time – 12:55pm

Rochelle says people thought Mandana will not leave house till end, Rishab says i will eliminate everyone now, i have got target now, the one who should leave are staying here and the one who shouldnt have left, Rochelle says how they made Mandana worst performer? Aman says they must have talked with Rimi, like Kishwar, Prince would have discussed with Rimi that Mandana give up tasks easily etc, Rimi will be funniest contestant of bigg boss to stay such long without doing anything.

Time – 1:40pm

Mandana wear headphones, Bigg boss says you are welcome in secret room and you are still part of game, you will stay here for one day, you have opportunity to listen and see inmates of house, you will listen what they are seeing and tomorrow you will nominate two people as per seeing footage.

Bigg boss tell inmates that Mandana is not nominated but sent to secret room, when red light is on in house then it means Mandana is seeing them from secret room, tomorrow Mandana will nominate two people and those two inmates will be safe from elimination next week, so when light is on then you will have to b***c about Mandana so she can nominate you tomorrow, twist is that Mandana doesnt know that the one who she will nominate will actually be safe, so all inmates have to act like b***cing and should irk Mandana. Kishwar says i dont have to fake anything as i will say truth what i feel for Mandana.

Rochelle says if her best friend that is me will b***c about Mandana then she will definitely nominate me, Rimi says then i should i wanna stay in house and should say good things about Mandana. Rishab thanks Bigg boss for not eliminating bigg boss.

Time – 6:09pm

Kishwar says to Prince and Suyyash that Rochelle is not happy that Mandana is not eliminated and that Mandana will return, Prince agrees, Kishwar says i listened her saying that she is not happy with Mandana returns, she should go home.

Rochelle says to Rishab that Kishwar doesnt have brain too, Aman says Kishwar’s strength is Suyyash and Prince, Mandana was alone and she was with two people to fight with her, if one is eliminated from Kishwar’s group then it will be even, Rishab says what Kiswhwar has done by spitting, it will be like after show, if she goes to some restaurant and says food is not tasty then waiter will say wait madam i will spit in it then you will enjoy it, Aman says he will say that we have put all spices in food only your spit is remaining, they laugh.

Time – 6:17pm
Rimi says Mandana wont nominate me is talk to Kishwar like that i wan ,,

Kishwar says think how much Rochelle will b***c about Mandana to get saved then she will say to Mandana they were asked to say all that about her. ,,
Rimi ,,

Time – 6:45pm

Mandana opens tv to see whats happening in house, Rimi says i wanna see one week without nominating, every week i pack my bags and then i am not eliminated, i wanna see how it feels to be not nominated one week (saying all this so that Mandana doesnt nominate her and she is not saved), Prince says i tried to make her friend but she was always rude, Rimi says she was not bad girl but her health was not fine, she was cooking too even when she was ill, Prince says she was irritating and use to say slangs, she abused my parents too, i didnt like that, Kishwar says she used to get angry and kicked me too.

Rochelle says to Aman that she kicked Kishwar so that must have not gone well with audience and thats why she is eliminated, Aman says their point is right too that she doesnt do tasks well, she used to do things as herself, she used to sleep as per her will, she used to not listen to anyone, Rochelle says i was her good friend but she snapped back at me most of times, Aman says she said infront of camera many times that she wanna leave and now when she left, she was crying to not leave, Rochelle says Mandana thought that if she will crib to go home then people will save her like Rimi, Mandana sees all this, she says that i didnt know i was so important for all of them, they are still discussing me inside, atleast Kishwar say it on my face that she doesnt like me, thats a quality but Rochelle kept saying that she is my friend and now back biting me, thanks bigg boss for showing me this face, Rochelle doesnt know that i will comeback, now she will see what plan i have for Rochelle, just wait for me to comeback to house.

Time – 7:00pm

Mandana is listening and seeing inmates, Prince starts talking to Rochelle, Prince says she called me goon, what if someone calls that to Keith? i know i am loud but you shouldnt have listen to Mandana, Mandana used you, you shouldnt have spoiled our equation for Mandana, Rochelle says i am not saying that you cant argue with girls but you have to understand that you should not cross line, Prince says i understand that and share things with me.

Rochelle says what if Mandana nominates Rimi and Rimi gets saved, Aman says maybe Rimi is playing game and she wants to be here, suyyash says Rimi is just seeing bank balance, money is important but not everything.

Time – 8:36pm

Mandana starts listening and seeing inmates, Kishwar sees red light and starts b***cing about Mandana, Kishwar says in camera that its good Mandana left, she as headache, she used to fight in everything, see house is so good without her, when she was not doing task, everything went fine, she use to give up in everything, this house is superb without her, its genuine confession, she leaves, Mandana says they love me so much, i can see that, Kishwar is scared of me, she hates me so much that i will love her so much when i will comeback.

Time – 8:44pm

Mandana is listening to housemates, Suyyash says to Kishwar that i feel Rimi doesnt wanna go home, if she wanna leave then what she is doing here? Kishwar says it feels like Rimi wanna get saved.
Rochelle says to Rimi that if you wanna leave then dont do make up, you will look bad on Tv and people will not vote for you and you will be nominated.

Suyyash says to Kishwar that Rishab asked to give back money, ,,

Time – 11:13pm

Kishwar this is very disturbing to see Rochelle not wanting Mandana to comeback, she is not happy with secret room thing, Prince says Rochelle is afraid that Mandana will win show, i am not afraid of that, i will play my game and will leave everything on luck.

Time – 11:17pm

Mandana says they are discussing me all the time, they are afraid of me, i should feel powerful, how should i play now? to play with love, sugarcoated playing or with hatred and with full animosity?

Time – 11:26pm

Kishwar says you did great work too, you should not give up task now, Rimis says i will do all household work but wont do any task, ,,

Time – 11:55pm

Aman says to Rimi that your bank balance is increasing, you thought you will go in 5 weeks but its extra week so now will you do something or not? Rimi says i am like this only, if you keep saying slangs to me for 3 hours even then i wont react, i would see you how good you look while abusing me, i wont say a single word, my plan now is to do nothing, keep sitting in corner of this house and keep making bank balance, Rochelle says i know that, i studied you since yesterday, Aman says your costars even Salman said that you are not like this, you are not boring as you are trying to portray, Rimi says i am like this only, they dont have seen in house, on set you have to interact with people, but at home, i dont talk much, Rochelle says you have to act here too, you cant sit quiet like this, if you dont do anything even then you will be abused, ,,

Suyyash jokes with Rishab that he became kid and took chance, he asked kisses from Mandana, Kishwar says the people who came in house and said that they wont make any friends here(Mandana and Rishab) were exchanging kisses.
Mandana in secret room thanks Bigg boss for showing her real faces of people.

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