Bigg Boss 9 Day 11 Watch New Captain 22 Oct 2015 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 Day 11 Watch New Captain 22 Oct 2015 Written Updates :- About ten days have been passed in the Bigg Boss house after which there are clear groups are formed and now we will get to see new drama happening with every passing day of the show.


Bigg Boss 9 Day 11 Full Episode Written

Day 11


All are sleeping. Meri marzi song plays, all wake up and dances to the tunes.


Yuvika ask Rimi what you think that we should work today or not? Rimi says today captain will be decided, they will send us out of house after taking our class, Mandana says captain should be good, Vikas ask her to keep sleeping, dont take tension about it, Rimi says if Aman becomes captain? Yuvika says it will be fun, Mandana says Aman should become captain only.


Rochelle ask who is going to eat egg? Prince says Keith will eat it. Prince and Suyyash comes to Mandana, Prince kisses Mandana’s cheek and ask if she is fine? she nods, she lies beside her, she gets up, he ask her to keep lying, she shows him her teddy bear and says its my boyfriend.


bigg boss says to inmates that Aman and Kishwar won the lagaan task so that pair was best in task, Bigg boss wanna know from workers that which pair’s performance was worst in task and who is responsible for their defeat, Roopal says there was no pair like this, all tried their best, we cant blame one pair for our defeat, Vikas says Suyyash and Prince were best, Keith says girls had problems too working so hard still they tried too, Mandana says i did mistake of stealing as i had other idea, all were 50-50 in favor of stealing but i did it.

Rochelle and rimi are in bedroom, Rochelle says to Rimi that Mandana keep talking about one issue only, why she is talking about stealing? Rimi says she is ill thats why saying anything, Kishwar comes there and says they are saying your pair and Keith’s pair had given up task. Rochelle says even Vikas-Yuvika, Roopal-Digangana didnt do much.

Keith says to inmates that we did stealing and i still think we could have won the task, vikas says Keith’s method was not good, Keith says i distracted inmates, Mandana says Vikas’s thinking was right but we could not win through it, Prince says all were saying that we cant win this task so all start avoiding task, we used coins too to go for eating etc, Rochelle says we gave up in last 2 hours, Keith says i am not sacrificing, i am just honest about it, please give me credit for it, he has asked because of whom we lost the task, stop getting emotional, think from mind, Rochelle says they are involved in stealing and working both so their name should be given only. Aman ask Arvind whom you think did worst in task, Arvind says Keith-Mandana, Prince-Suyyash, Aman says why you are taking Prince-Suyyash’s name for being worst?

Arvind says they didnt work by unity and it matters the most. Keith says i will give my name as i gave the idea of stealing, Roopal says we all decided to steal, it was collective decision then we thought it was wrong and collectively we decided to rectify it, Rimi says it wasnt like anyone was worst, if someone was giving up then other was covering up for it, if someone did mistake then others asked to rectify it, it was teamwork.


Bigg boss ask inmates which pair was worst in task, Vikas says except Prince and Suyyash, all were responsible for defeat, Bigg boss says i asked one pair’s name only, Vikas says we are not able to decide who was worst, bigg boss call Vikas and Yuvika in confession roo.

In confession room, bigg boss says to Yuvika and Vikas that you must have seen earlier seasons of bigg boss and you know bigg boss’s orders should be followed, you all have opinions but you dont put up infront of all, its duty of all inmates to answer questions of bigg boss, i am giving you 5mins, go out and decide which pair was worst.

Vikas and Yuvika come to inmates, they say we have to decide which pair was worst in 5mins, they vote for it, Digangana-roopal, Suyyash-Prince says Keith and Mandana was worst, Rochelle says my pair and Keith’s pair was involved in every decision, in stealing too so both pairs name should be given not only Keith’s pair name, Vikas ignores her and says bigg boss we are ready with name, Rochelle says i am talking to you, Vikas ask her to lower her voice, he says its captain’s decision, Rochelle says but i dont agree to it.

Mandana says Rochelle you are wasting time as this is not team, Mandana says we are not a team, Digangana says i wanna request something, we cant force anyone to take anyone’s name, if we are a team then we cant put up name by voting, its not like majority wins, in team, we have to take everyone’s point of view, Mandana says then we should give captain’s name as worst performer as they couldnt handle anything, Prince says they were not captains in task, Mandana says then why are they acting like captains, Rochelle says Vikas should take everyone’s point of you.

Prince says Rochelle said that no one is captain in task, Rochelle says you were also there, Bigg boss says your 5minutes are up, he ask Vikas and Yuvika about worst performer, Yuvika says KEITH AND MANDANA WERE WORST, bigg boss says as they were worst so KEITH AND MANDANA ARE NOMINATED FOR NEXT WEEK, Rochelle says this is not right, Keith and Mandana worked most, Keith says its fine, Prince says how can you say that, we have worked too, Rochelle says i am just saying they worked hard, suyyash says agree you are his girlfriend but you cant say that we worked most, Suyyash says i didnt say i did most work or i didnt ask my gf to speak up for me.

Keith and Mandana are nominated for Next Week directly


Suyyash says to Rochelle that you didnt say that we worked, we are not showing off about our relation, Prince says when you are talking to Keith, you point to me to leave from there but Mandan never leaves, you dont have to talk about Keith all the time, we things go out of control then say it, we are playing individually, Prince says Keith is stuck with Mandana, we had to give Keith’s name because of Mandana.


Roopal says to Suyyash and Prince that Rochelle so much in support of Keith, Kishwar says even Rimi say her point when she wants.
Rimi says to Rochelle that Keith is very strong contender, you dont have to fight for him, if situation is out of control then speak up for him but if you speak for him in everything then it will put you in trouble, trust Keith and let him take decisions, just trust your relation.

Kishwar says to Prince and Suyyash that Mandana is very irritating character, Prince says Mandana keep fighting with Keith but she didnt change her partner, ,,


Keith reads task for choosing next captain, task is “tug of war”, Precap, Mandana will not take part in task as she is ill, she will referee. ,,


Kishwar says to Prince that i am not dying to become captain. All take their positions, Keith, Digangana, Roopal, Arvind are on Aman’s side. Prince, Suyyash, Rochelle, Rimi, Yuvika and Vikas are on Kishwar’s side, they pull rope, Kishwar’s team wins, Bigg boss says KISHWAR IS NEW CAPTAIN, Kishwar is happy and thanks everyone.

Kishwar Merchant New Captain of Bigg Boss 9


Keith says to Mandana that Aman is very clever from mind, Kishwar is not intelligent, Mandana says she is very emotional, Keith says i have seen Aman and i know he is clever, Rochelle and Rimi comes there, Rochelle says to Keith that Rimi wanted to support Kishwar so we were on her side, if was about my personal choice then i would have chosen Aman’s side, Mandana says its good to choose Kishwar as its better to be on enemy’s side, even Vikas and Yuvika keep trying to be close to Suyyash and Kishwar.


Vikas says to Kishwar that being captain is boring too, you dont do any work, Yuvika says she is not tied to anyone so it will be fun for her, Vikas says i have seen Aman’s hygiene level is very low, Kishwar says he leaves everything behind, like he opens fridge and doesnt close the door, he washes hand and doesnt close null and says there is automatic null in my house so i dont have habit, i asked him if his fridge is automatic too, Yuvika laughs.

Bigg boss had given them 2000 points for luxury budget buying but due to rules breaking and for speaking english, their 1600points are deducted, Aman and Kishwar will buy things, their time starts, Kishwar and Aman ask inamtes and buys things like coffee powder etc.

Yuvika says to Mandana that you should not talk about going back home, Mandana is sad, Aman hugs her and consoles her, Mandana says my health is not fine, she cries, Yuvika hugs her, she wipes her tears, Prince comes there too, Vikas and Prince consoles her, all give her a group hug and sing for her, Mandana smiles, Aman says we love you.


Roopal says to Digangana that you are slow and i think i can utilize that time somewhere else but i keep waiting for you, Digangana goes in washroom, Roopal says to camera that i need to change partner, we dont have any problem with each other but our speeds are different and my partner should be changed.
Mandana says i wish are get free from partnership, Vikas i wish, lights are switched, all go to sleep.

PRECAP – Bigg boss says to inmates that we will show new and most important part of house that is “Double trouble room”, most important decisions can be taken in this room which will affect whole house. Aman and Kishwar go in double trouble room, it is divided by wall, Kishwar and Aman are standing across wall, they are given chance to free all inmates from partnership, all are watching them on Tv, Yuvika says i dont think they will agree to it, Keith says Aman will think but Kishwar will not agree to it. Later Kishwar is asked to give titles to inmates, she gives ‘Nakli(fake)’ title to Mandana, Mandana says even after being so honest, i have got this.

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