Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 Written Updates 21 October 2015 Task Winner Mandana Breaks Down

Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 Written Updates 21 October 2015 Task Winner Mandana Breaks Down :- Another new day and yet another drama this has become the habit of the new Bigg Boss house where we can see some relationships being formed and broken with every passing day. In only 10 days we have got the first contestants who breaks down and we will tell you about all that in our article further.


Bigg Boss 21 October 2015 Episode Written Details

Bigg Boss 9 Day 10

vikas ask Rochelle to go and sleep, Rochelle says dont talk to me, Vikas says i didnt say that you are not working, Rochelle says you said that i ate first, Vikas says i am sorry about that comment, Rochelle says ok, Vikas seems tired.


Suyyash and Prince are moving grinding mill, Suyyash says all are sleeping peacefully, Prince says Yuvika said that this task is useless, suyyash says i dont know why did they come here when they cant do task, Vikas was right that Rochelle didnt do any work, she started crying so i didnt tell her anything.

Day 10


song starts playing, Digangana and Roopal are moving grinding mill.


Kishwar says to Aman that dont know when this task will end. Keith says it was exhausting, we didnt sleep even.


Rochelle and Rimi are moving grinding mill, Rimi says to inmates that if you are not able to do task then give up, Mandana says we have done task for 2 days then how can we give up now, Keith says Yuvika, Mandana, Rimi wont be able to do task now so how we will move grinding mill.


Mandana says Yuvika and Vikas are cooking food as its easy, they are not doing task, Rochelle says Prince and Suyyash was going to negotiate but Vikas went behind them too when he didnt do any work.


Suyyash and Prince are moving grinding mill, Rochelle says why are they making roties, they can make rice, Keith says Prince should go to make parathas, he knows how to make it, Mandana says Vikas and Yuvika are wasting time in kitchen if she doesnt know how to make parathas, Suyyash says she knows how to make parathas, Rochelle says why is she making parathas? Suyyash says all asked them to make it.

Keith comes to Yuvika and says all want to eat different things so all will cook for themselves, you dont make food for everyone, Yuviak says fine, Mandana says you are in kitchen for much time, leave it, Mandana and Keith leaves, Prince says to Yuvika that you are making parathas for them and still Rochelle, Keith, Mandana are rude, leave it, Yuvika says i will make for everyone, Rochelle can make breakfast for herself.

Keith is in confession room, bigg boss ask about morale of inmates, Keith says all are tired, Bigg boss says you all have done task really well and it will continue for a while, when you have done task for such a long time then continue it till end, you said inmates are having dehydration, why is it so? you have coins, you dont have to save all coins, use coins to get water. outside Digangana is dizzy due to working in garden under sun, she is brought to lounge, Roopal ask her to lie down.

Bigg boss ask Keith what plan they have? Keith says we talked to Arvind, bigg boss says Arvind is not your team mate, you can win the task by cleverness too, all you have to do is to win.

Keith comes to Suyyash and Prince and says bigg boss told me that we can win by clever planning too, i remember last time Gautam Gulati stole things and won, i feel there are coins in bedroom, Prince says what about Arvind? Keith says he is innocent, we can steal easily, Rochelle says i wont do it, Suyyash says i dont agree to stealing, we have done task nicely so we should continue it, Keith says then do task, if you dont agree then leave it, his girlfriend is on otherside so he doesnt want to steal, Suyyash says you all can do it but i am not part of it.


Suyyash and Prince comes in washroom, Suyyash says to Arvind and says Keith decided that they will steal coins and he asked me and Prince to do it, why he is asking us to do it? he can do himself, Prince goes in washroom, Kishwar comes and sit in Suyyash’s lap, Suyyash tells Kiswhar that Keith asked me to steal coins, i said no, Kishwar kisses Suyyash on cheek.


Rochelle brings 2packets of flour to Aman and starts selling it, Aman and Kishwar goes to talk.

Prince says to Keith that there is no way to win this task other than stealing, Mandana says i am saying this only, we should go and steal it.

Aman comes in bedroom and says to Kishwar that we have to keep check on buckets which have coins.

Mandana and Keith comes in washroom, they have stolen coins from one bucket, she says in camera that we are beggar people and our landlord is very cruel so we had to do it, this is not stealing, we are workers and our landlords are very bad, Keith laughs.

Aman and Kishwar buys flour and says to Rochelle that this is last time i am buying it on your rates, now you all have to use these coins too, i will give you more coins only when you spend coins which you have rightnow.

Aman checks coins in bucket.

Mandana says to Rochelle that i have stolen coins, Rochelle ask her to put it back in bucket, Mandana says i have done stealing, they would know about it so its useless to put it back, Suyyash says when all were saying that we will not steal then why did you do it? its team work, i dont like it, Mandana says this is game for everyone not for your personality, Suyyash says i an saying that only that i dont like it but you can do anything. Rochelle says but bigg boss said we can use any mean to win the task.

Kishwar says to Aman that i am feeling bad that they are working under sunlight but the reason they are giving to get more money out of us is foolish.

Rimi says to inmates that we can give up, Mandana says when we have to give up then let us try stealing too, Vikas says but this is wrong, we can get punished too, they find Aman and Kishwar going in washroom, Mandana and Keith goes in lounge and starts stealing coins from another bucket, Rochelle and Rimi keep check one door, Keith and Madana steals and runs from there, they come in garden and laughs, Keith ask them to keep moving grinding mill, Rochelle says we should say sorry to Kishwar, Suyyash says its of no use, i know it doesnt matter, i dont care about game now, i have never done this cheating in my life, he says to Keith that you did it and you have reasons for it but i wont agree to it, Rochelle says i know its about your girlfriend, Suyyash says its not about my girlfriend but my rules and its wrong for me, Digangana says its like backstabbing them, we would have taken coins infront of them but stealing is not good, Mandana says bigg boss said we can use any mean to win, Rochelle says i was also not interested in stealing but i was tired so agreed to it, she says sorry to Suyyash, Mandana says he doesnt wanna listen sorry, Rochelle says i didnt ask you, Rochelle says if buzzer plays then we will give coins back to Kishwar which we stole, Prince starts counting coins, Mandana ask Keith to let her count how much coins they have stolen, Keith doesnt allow her, she gets angry,Mandana says i have given up, she opens her belt and throws her mike away and leaves.

Keith brings coins to Aman and Kishwar and says we had stolen it but we are feeling guilty so i have come to return it, Aman says cool put it back in bucket, he does, Digangana says Keith and Mandan stole it but most of us were not happy with it, Roopal says we had done task with hard work till now but now all rules have broken, Kishwar says this Mandana is crazy, she says Mandana have broken all rules, she has opened her belt and left her mike too.

Keith says to Mandana that i didnt let you count as i thought what if buzzer plays, i had to return coins before buzzer plays, Mandana says Prince and Suyyash wants to make Kishwar captain, its all about it.

bigg boss ask Mandana to wear her belt and mike, she says i wanna talk to bigg boss first, Keith says to Mandana that i dont want anyone to leave house like this, you should put up your point infront of bigg boss, Mandana says in mike that bigg boss i wanna talk to you.


buzzer plays, Yuvika hugs Vikas and says dont know we will win it or lose, Prince says but we didnt give up.


Mandana and Keith are in confession room, Bigg boss ask Mandana what she wanna say, Mandana says i dont want to be in bigg boss, tell me how to leave from here, i am very straightforward girl, people here dont know how to play game, Bigg boss says its not important that all have same thinking, you dont have to think what all are thinking about your actions, you will lose your individuality like this, Mandana cries, bigg boss says you both can leave, they leave.


Mandana pukes, she goes in washroom, Digangana and Roopal supports her.

in ounge, Prince jokes to Suyyash that if Keith and Mandana have done something that she vomiting.

Mandana faints due to working and dehydration, Keith and Aman lifts her in arms and brings her in bedroom, she is taking deep breaths, Keith covers her with blanket, he says i have made her eat chocolate.

All are in lounge. Doctor have checked Mandana, she is sleeping, Rochelle is sitting beside her, she cries and says to Keith that i am feeling really bad for Mandana, it was not game but reality when Mandana fainted, nobody came to help you to bring her in bedroom, i feel i care for people too much and they dont even realize it, Keith consoles her.

Bigg Boss ask Aman and Kishwar how many coins they have, Aman says 536, bigg boss says total coins were 1001, Big boss says they have more than 500 coins so AMAN AND KISHWAR HAVE WON THE LAGAAN TASK, bigg boss congratulate workers for working hard, he says as per secret condition of task, Kishwar and Aman are not partners anymore, they are free as they have won task, all are surprised.

Kishwar thanks Bigg boss, Kiswahr opens her belt, Kishwar says now we will go alone everywhere, they go in washroom, Aman says Yay, Roopal says this is cheating, Kishwar says it was secret, only i and Aman knew it, Suyyash hugs Kishwar.


Rochelle says to Keith that we forgot that this can be condition too.

Suyyash says to Prince that we had worked hard in task, we moved mill under scorching heat but we cant remove our belts, but we worked genuinely, Prince says if it was not Kishwar then i would have done stealing.


Prince says to Kishwar and Suyyash that i thought first to do stealing and i thought to tell you about it as Kishwar is safe in nominations so it was more important for us to win task but then i thought leave it, Kishwar says you could have told me this, he says i told Mandana that she was doing right, only that was the way to win that is by stealing, Kishwar says if i was in her place then i wouldnt have agreed to it, Kishwar says this Mandana will get slapped by me one day, it will be fun.

PRECAP – bigg boss ask inmates which pair’s performance was worst in task, all start arguing about it, Mandana says we didnt all give up together, Rochelle says 3 pairs were working under scorching heat, Keith says stop getting emotional, just give answer by thinking from mind, Prince says its not about getting emotional, they all have verbal fight. later Aman and Kishwar will fight in task to become captain. The task is Tug of war(rope pulling game), inmates will divide in two teams, those who support Aman will be on his side and Kishwar supporters will be on her side, They start pulling rope from both sides, Prince, Suyyash and Vikas are on Kishwar’s side, all others are on Aman’s side.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 Highlights 21 October 2015

1. Mandana stolen coins during the Lagaan task

2. Mandana Breaks down during the Lagaan Task

3. Winner of Lagaan Task are Aman and Kishwar with 536 coins

4. Aman and Kishwar are now free from pairs

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