Bigg Boss 9 Captaincy Task Winner Name Prince vs Rishabh Gizele Keith Fight 17 Dec 2015 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 9 Captaincy Task Winner Name Prince vs Rishabh Gizele Keith Fight 17 Dec 2015 Written Updates :- After the end of Murder Mystery luxury budget task in which detective Rishabh and serial killer Prince were declared winners now the time has arrived to choose the new captain of Bigg Boss house which will be decided through an interesting task.


Now its time to tell you all who wins captaincy task of Bigg Boss 9 and became the new captain of the house also what happened on day 67 in BB9 :

Bigg Boss 9 Day 67 Happenings

On day 67 Bighg Boss introduces the captaincy task between Rishabh vs Prince but this time the housemates will help decide who the captain will be, as they face a new kind of task.

Bigg Boss asked all the housemates to choose any one out of the two contenders whom they want to support for captaincy. Then they will be told to hold hydrogen inflated balloons of a particular color that will be assigned to each of the contenders.

Priya supported Prince in the Captaincy task

Whoever stands till the end by holding a particular contender’s balloon will claim victory for him. Both the contenders were there to boost the morale of their supporters

Rishab says to Priya that you were against Prince and now playing for him in response to which she tell him that she is waiting for Prince to become the Captain so that she can take her revenge

Priya also tells Rishabh that if he becomes the Captain then she fears that you will go back into that inuhuman mode again

Rishab asks Priya if her ego is so big that she is choosing her revenge over their friendship, I salute you for making him winner

Keith(sanchalak of Captaincy Task) Declared Prince the new captain, Gizele who was supporting Rishabh accused Keith of being partial

Prince becomes New Captain of Bigg Boss House

Mandana Tells Gizele that now you understood they are not fair, Keith didnt use his mind, he is servant of cool group

Later in the day housemates welcomed a Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan poster in the garden area featuring them riding the famous Jai Veeru Bike

They were quick enough to understand that the King of Bollywood would be visiting them over the weekend. This filled them with excitement

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