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Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 6 Nov 2018 Surbhi Mocks Jasleen

Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 6 Nov 2018 Surbhi Mocks Jasleen :- The episode starts with an argument happening between Sreesanth and Deepak over nominations. Sreesanth tells Deepak that in 7th week about 9 housemates got nominated, Deepak calls Sreesanth fake. Later in the day Dipika manipulates Karanvir against Sreesanth by telling him to follow his game and not get affected with Sree. Somi and Surbhi says that this time around both Sree and Shivashish are at fault. Deepak and Surbhi say that Shivashish was not wrong to which Somi replied by telling Surbhi to not support her friend.

Romil and Deepak target Sreesanth and says that he nominated them. The entire Happy club team mates target Sreesanth and torture him. Sreesanth gets irked with Surbhi’s annoying behavior. He tells Shivashish that Dipika did not say anything and was looking at them. Deepak gives back Sreesanth’s bracelet and tells him that he will also give him his jacket back. Romil tells Deepak that he gave Sreesanth his bracelet back.

Deepak removes his bandage and tells Sreesanth that he is injured but still performs his task. Surbhi tells Deepak that Sreesanth never performed his task. Dipika breaks the pot and nominates Surbhi. Within no time, Surbhi loses her calm and gets angry at Dipika. Happy Club members promise to destroy Wolf pack and they say that they will make sure to take their revenge from the housemates.

Karanvir tells Romil and Deepak that he will join their group and destroy other’s happiness. Romil, Deepak and Surbhi target Dipika. They say that she took the entire credit of making Sreesanth the captain of the house. Dipika tells Shivashish that Karanvir should not be trusted as he has joined hands with other team. Romil and Deepak fight with Sreesanth and lose their calm. Within no time they get into an argument and start fighting.

Bigg Boss announces nominations and say Somi, Deepak, Romil and Surbhi are nominated for this week. Karanvir tries to make Shivashish understand that Sreesanth should not be trusted. He tells Shivashish that Sreesanth usually takes supports and then targets his own people. Deepak hides kaal kothari’s key and says that it is the duty of the captain to take care of the keys.

Sreesanth cries and gets emotional. He tells Bigg Boss that he is serious and cannot stay in this house if things work the same way. Housemates wake up to “Idhar chala mein” and contestants are quite sad. Srishty and Karanvir dance their heart out. Sreesanth says Romil and Surbhi are breaking rules. He says after the wake up call also both are sleeping.

Surbhi tells Romil, Deepak and Somi that they have to take revenge from the housemates now. Somi tells that she will target Sreesanth and Shivashish. Surbhi targets Jasleen and says that the other team are answerable to the audiences. Surbhi irritates Jasleen as she singes ‘Main kya karoon ram mujhe buddha mil gaya’. Within no time, Jasleen loses her calm on Surbhi. Both get into an ugly fight. Deepak and Surbhi taunts Jasleen that she doesn’t have an identity of her own.

Deepak was calling Jasleen a gold digger and taunts her. Deepak asks Karanvir that if he dates someone for 3 or 4 years, does that allow him a right in his partner’s property. Shivashish taunts Somi and says she keeps stammering. She loses her calm at him and starts crying. Surbhi tells Somi to irritate Shivashish as he is trying to workout. Somi stands in between and does not allow Shivashish to workout.

Deepak tells Somi not to talk with weak people and starts taunting Jasleen. Megha tries to intervene in between but Surbhi tells her to be fair and not judge people. Romil supports Jasleen and tells Deepak not to create issue. Deepak gets upset and Jasleen gets emotional. Dipika tries to pacify Jasleen and she tells Jasleen not to react. jasleen cries and says housemates are making fun of their personal things. Rohit tries to pacify her. Somi and Surbhi says that they will not talk to Jasleen.

Surbhi says that Anup denied his relationship with Jasleen. Jasleen gets angry and says that now they should celebrate as Anup ji has denied her. Deepak gives chachi’s tag to Megha and says Karanvir is no more the chachi of the house. Surbhi hugs Megha and kisses her. She says if she is not well and passes sarcastic comments on Megha.

Luxury budget task ‘Yaha Waha’ is announced. Two different setups is created in the garden area. As a part of the task, there are two tickets for each contestant who could use them only once to enter either of the house once the gong rung. Once the contestants entered the house, they had to shred their tickets that was used by them. As Srishty cannot compete for captaincy, she becomes the sanchalak of the task. Teams were formed and after meticulous calculations, strategies were made.

Rohit gets shocked seeing Karanvir has changed team and informs everyone. Wolf Pack members make strategies and discuss their plan. Surbhi irritates Sreesanth with her behavior and plans to take revenge from him. The Happy Club had vowed that they won’t let the other contestants live in peace and will create havoc in their lives. Sreesanth gets irked with Surbhi’s behavior and walks out of the house. Srishty disqualifies him.

Surbhi and Deepak target Sreesanth and started instigating him hoping for reactions. Karanvir and Sreesanth at loggerhead again. Sreesanth then tells Shivashish that he is surprised to see other people’s attitude change. Karanvir says that he is real inside the house and is not faking anything. Karanvir begins to ignore him. Rohit walks out of the task andgives his ticket to Srishty. Later even Megha gives her ticket to Srishty.

Sreesanth talks about Surbhi’s behavior and says that she was doing wrong. Srishty tries to take ghee and Sreesanth tells her to not do it. She gets upset and leaves. Srishty tells Karanvir and Romil tells her to not support anyone. Srishty tells Romil that he should not teach her. Romil says Srishty is not supporting them. The entire Happy club discuss their strategies and try to win the task.

Sreesanth tells Karanvir to do household chores but he says he will not do it. Sreesanth further tells him that he will nominate him for the kaalkothari punishment and he will not get food.

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