Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 31 Oct 2018 Sreesanth Abuses Vikas and Karanvir

Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 31 Oct 2018 Sreesanth Abuses Vikas and Karanvir :- The episode starts with contestant waking up on the morning song “Yeh Ladka hai Deewana” and they were start dancing. Shilpa Shinde gives tips to Romil on how to win this show as she tells him that their biggest enemy will make them the winner of the show. Shilpa also warns Romil that Dipika, Karavir and Sreesanth have a huge fan following as all three of them are his biggest rivals.

Karanvir tells Vikas to share guideline but he tells him that KV should take lead in the game. He compares Deepak with KV and tells him to fight for himself. Urvashi talks to Somi about Deepak and tells her to tell everyone that she feels uncomfortable with Deepak. Karanvir dances with Somi and Deepak gets upset. Karanvir tells Deepak to sing a song but later Urvashi sings a song for them.

Later in the day task starts again as Karanvir and Romil collect the items for their rangoli and reach out to their teams. Somi starts making rangoli and Shilpa pariwaar’s team members plan strategy to spoil their rangoli.

Vikas Parivar’s team spoils Shilpa parivar’s rangoli and puts water on their floor. Deepak and Megha get into an argument as Deepak compares Megha’s rangoli to a pimple. They fight for their team and housemates try to calm them down, but Deepak and Megha fight. Shilpa and Vikas decide the winners and tell Bigg Boss that no one has drawn the rangoli. Bigg Boss disqualifies the round yet again.

Sreesanth and Vikas get into a fight and were seen arguing aggressively during the task. Sreesanth calls Vikas a ‘loser’, the latter calls him a ‘batameez insaan’. Sreesanth loses his calm at Vikas and housemates try to calm them down. Sreesanth gets angry at Vikas and uses derogatory comments at him. Sreesanth tells Vikas, “mard hone ke liye khada hona padhta hai”.

Shilpa gangs up against Vikas and unites with Sreesanth. Romil tells Bigg Boss that Vikas is the reason that they lost the task as he doesn’t like to be defeated. Sreesanth questions Vikas’s sexuality and passes derogatory comments on him. Megha calls Surbhi villian inside the house and both start arguing. Megha tells the housemates are such people inside the house.

The task starts yet again Karanvir and Romil run to grab items for their rangoli. KV gets the bag with the rangoli material and his team starts making rangoli. During the ‘Rangoli task’, Sreesanth accuses Karanvir of hitting him with his hands. He complains to Romil and Sreesanth says that Karanvir was trying to defend himself. Sreesanth asks Karanvir to come at the center and tells him he will come face-to-face as he isn’t scared of him.

Once again Sreesanth gets into a fight with Vikas. Sreesanth goes to Karanvir and asks him if he is not ashamed of himself. Sreesanth tells Karanvir he is a liar, and says that Karanvir got hurt because of the girls. Sreesanth blames Vikas that he can hit back. Sreesanth passes a derogatory comment on his sexuality and says, “tu beech ka hai”. Romil tries to make peace between the two but Sreesanth continues to threaten Karanvir. Dipika supports Karanvir and tries to stop Sreesanth.

Megha and Shivashish destroys Surbhi’s rangoli. Dipika starts crying and Vikas tries to make her understand that it is just a game. Dipika leaves the task and goes inside. Vikas blames Romil for losing the task and Surbhi accuses Vikas. Somi and Shilpa makes fun of Dipika’s emotions and says she is still part of Sasural Simar Ka. Karanvir supports Dipika and tells her that Sreesanth does not care about anything.

Finally Vikas Gupta’s parivar wins the task and the housemates wishes audiences Happy Diwali in advance. Shivashish points Sreesanth’s mistake and tells him to give it back to others instead of giving up on task.

Bigg Boss announces that Shilpa and Vikas has to leave the house now. The housemates gets emotional and Deepak dedicates a song for them. After Bigg Boss announcement, Shilpa and Vikas leaves the BB house. Dipika and Rohit misses them. Sreesanth tells Jasleen and Shivashish they have to nominate themselves for the captaincy task.

Sreesanth goes and pokes Karanvir again. The two get into a fight. Sreesanth passes derogatory comments on Karanvir and says he is beech ka aadmi. Karanvir says that everyone knows what he is. Sreesanth once again loses his calm and starts threatening Karanvir again. Sreesanth blames Karanvir for hurting him during the task. Housemates try their level best to calm them down but Sreesanth starts threatening Karanvir.

Dipika tries to protect Karanvir from Sreesanth. Sreesanth instigates KV by saying that he hides behind Dipika. Sreesanth says he will file FIR against Karanvir and tells Shivashish to find a lawyer. KV tries to seek forgiveness but Sreesanth gets angry. Somi and Surbhi tries to pull Deepak’s leg by calling him brother. Surbhi even tells Somi to celebrate bhai dooj with Deepak. Somi and Surbhi tries to make Deepak uncomfortable.

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