Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 26 Oct 2018 Deepak Becomes Captain, Sree in Kalkothri

Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 26 Oct 2018 Deepak Becomes Captain, Sree in Kalkothri :- The episode starts with housemates torturing Megha to an exent that she starts shivering after which she says that she will give up the task only on one condition if Deepak promises her that he will support her during the captainship he agrees. Srishty gets impressed by Megha performance and talked to Rohit that Megha is the actual hero of this task. Deepak and Romil later decides that they both will stick to the promise they gave to Megha.

Sreesanth and Dipika discuss Karanvir’s behaviour. Sreesanth says that Karanvir is in a character and is not the real himself. Anup, Dipika and a few other housemates decide to not listen to Deepak. Shivashish asks Deepak to ask Romil before he makes a decision. Deepak gets annoyed.

Dipika gets emotional on remembering the way Deepak talks to Urvashi. Jasleen gets annoyed at Surbhi when the latter mocks her. Sreesanth, Rohit and Romil discuss whom to send to the BB jail. Jasleen breaks down infornt of Anup. He tries to calm her down and compliments her.

Sreesanth, Shivashish and Jasleen are sent to BB jail. Jasleen defends herself but in vain. Sreesanth gets annoyed and refuses to go to the jail. After that Sreesanth refuses to go to jail. Deepak says that he deserves to go to the jail because he behaved indecent with Surbhi. Finally Sreesanth goes to jail in a foul mood. Jasleen agrees with Sreesanth and feels Deepak’s decision was wrong.

Surbhi gets irked with Sreesanth. Surbhi says that Sreesanth needs to decide if he likes people or not. Somi says that Srishty Rode likes Rohit Suchanti. Rohit feels the same. Sreesanth says that the will play the game now. Sreesanth tries to run away from jail.

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