Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 25 Oct 2018 KV Breaks Down, Train Captaincy Task

Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 25 Oct 2018 KV Breaks Down, Train Captaincy Task :- Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 12 begins with the continuation of Day 38 as winners of Polutry Farm task which are Deepak Thakur, Somi Khan and Megha Dhade after which all three of them become the contenders for next captaincy. Karanveer Bohra who got a reality check in yesterday episode was seen breaking down crying as he realises that nobody stood by him during the task and he decides to play alone from now on. Dipika Kakar and Karanveer are then seen sorting out their differences and Dipika explains why she did not come out to support him.

Next morning, the housemates wake up and dance to Shah Rukh Khan’s hit song Chaiyya Chaiyya. Later in the day, Sreesanth, Anup Jalota, Jasleen Matharu and Shivashish Mishra are seen discussing how they will not do any work if Somi or Deepak become the captain.

Then the captaincy task is announced during which the three contenders, Deepak, Somi and Megha are asked to sit in a train and who so ever manages to stay till the last will become the next captain. Rest of the housemates are asked to participate as vendors in the task who will sell different things given by the Bigg Boss to the contenders.

When the task begins, Rohit Suchanti gets on the train and gives a spoonful of wasabi to Megha. Then Romil Chaudhary hops on to train and asks Megha to finish a sipper full of water. Seems like Megha is the new target in the house as one after the other everyone keeps on giving her the challenge.

Karanveer then enters the train and asks Deepak to eat three spoonfuls of chilly sauce. After that, Srishty Rode asks Deepak to eat green chillies. Despite their differences, Sreesanth hops on the train and gives honey to Deepak.

Taking the task to the next level, Srishty then asks Somi to drink tabasco sauce. Somi becomes the new target as she is given chilly sauce and green chillies to eat bu the housemates. After putting her effort, Somi decides to quit the task and Deepak and Megha continue to fight for the captaincy.

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