Jan 30, 2020

Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 24 Oct 2018 Deepak vs Urvashi, KV Gets Alone

Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 24 Oct 2018 Deepak vs Urvashi, KV Gets Alone :- Bigg Boss announced Poultry Farm Task for this week as the contenders of the Captaincy are going to be chosen from this task. The house has already been divided into two groups Sreesanth group and Romil group. So it will be interesting to see which side will have the last laugh at the end of this task.

09:10 pm
Sree and the other housemates discuss Rohit and Megha – the newest entries in the house. It seems that they are targetting them. Srishty tries to warn Rohit and they start to plot against Deepak. Rohit then goes outside and tries to win over Deepak – is this a new game?

09:20 pm
Urvashi talks to Dipika and Anup talk about the task where they have to collect eggs. Deepak tries to influence Urvashi and things get heated – Deepak wants Urvashi to be captain but it doesn’t seem like. Both get angry and start to throw bottles around. The inmates get angry because Deepak broke his own sipper. Angry words are exchanged and everyone gets involved. All. For. A. Sipper.

09:30 pm
The task resumes, and Somi is disqualified by Rohit. Somi breaks out in tears. Deepak scores the next egg and asks for Saba’s statue but gets convinced to break Srishty’s. Deepak scores another and aims to disqualify Rohit.

09: 45 pm
A verbal spat breaks out between Karanvir Bohra and Surabhi Rana – as always. Surabhi wins the next egg and disqualifies Urvashi Vani! Poor thing is crushed, especially after Deepak tries hard to get the housemates to help her.

09:59 pm
The huge fight breaks out as Deepak targets KV for giving away Urvashi’s statue. Urvashi confronts Surabhi Rana about it and more screaming takes place. KV tries to steal Megha’s eggs and succeeds. Deepak then disqualifies Surabhi Rana.

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