Jun 4, 2020

Bigg Boss 12 Written Updates 1 Nov 2018 Sreesanth Becomes New Captain

Bigg Boss ritten 12 WUpdates 1 Nov 2018 Sreesanth Becomes New Captain :- The episode begins with wake up song Paisa Paisa then Srishty Rode telling the rangoli task winning team members to unanimously decide two names for the captaincy task. While she suggested Karanvir Bohra name, Sreesanth gets very upset saying that nobody even asked him. Romil and other Happy Club members were seen putting fuel to the fire. After much discussion between the winning team, Sreesanth and Jasleen Matharu’s names were decided.

Meanwhile, Dipika Kakar also had to convince Karanvir Bohra to give up his name for these two and she also had an altercation with Sreesanth. Dipika told Karanvir that let Sreesanth try his luck because now onwards, he won’t cry over not being nominated for captaincy next.

Next up, Bigg Boss explained the rules of the captaincy task, which is called the Diwali Mela – both Sreesanth and Jasleen were given 1.5 lakh points each while the contestants were given two badges each with the contenders’ names written on them. The housemates were to wear either badge to support the probable captain of their choice whereas the captaincy contenders were to help their fellow housemates shop from the Diwali Mela that was set up in the garden area.

The task began with a surprise! Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khan was spotted at a stall of designer garments when Jasleen Matharu was to give out money. Next, the contestants bought tickets to a performance by Sapna Chaudhary from Sreesanth. The last session of the Diwali Mela was when the contestants could devour some lip smacking delicacies by celebrity chef Zorawar Kalra where each contestant were to declare their support for either of the contenders in order to buy the dishes! Sreesanth was the clear winner of the round as he won by 10 votes to one.

So, Bigg Boss house has a new captain in the form of Sreesanth! After he was appointed the captain, Sreesanth also apologised to Karanvir Bohra for all the fights and his rude behaviour. However, later in the day, Karanvir confided in Dipika that he can no longer trust Sreesanth.

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