Jun 4, 2020

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Takes Sreesanth Class 27 October 2018 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Takes Sreesanth Class 27 October 2018 Written Updates :- On the 6th week of Bigg Boss Season 12 we have seen lots of fights happening in the house also Deepak becomes the new captain of the house after Poultry farm task. Sree, Jasleen and Shivashish were being sent to Kalkothri by the housemates. Now the time has come for the Weekend Ka Vaar episode where Salman Khan will take class of some of the contestants for their various mistakes.

Salman Khan asks housemates to take one name who accoding to them is the Khalnayak of the house for this week and majority of the contestants takes Deepak name but Salman chose Sreesanth to sit on the Khalnayak kursi after which Salman showed Sree his true face as Sree behaved very badly with Deepak on the previous day.

Sreesanth was seen calling Deepak a poor fellow and he also abused calling him a dog Shivashish was equally supporting Sreesanth in all this. Salman then asked Sreesanth why did he do all this on which he replied its his attitude. Surbhi Rana made some very good points against Sreesanth and Salman gave her a fair chance to speak.

After all this Salman asked Dipika why he babysits Sreesanth all the time and she failed to give a satisfying answer. Sreesanth went to washroom and started crying. Salman then asked all the housemates not to comment about anyone sexual preferences and Sree was the major culprit there as well. Rohit and Sreesanth had a verbal argument. Salman then tells that he will reveal the names of evicted contestants tomorrow.

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