Jun 4, 2020

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 6 December 2017 New Captain Hina Fights Hiten Full Details

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 6 December 2017 New Captain Hina Fights Hiten Full Details :- In Tuesday episode of Bigg Boss Season 11 Week no. 10 a new captaincy task has been introduced by BB which is Baby Day Care and the last baby which will remain will become the new captain of the house and in todays episode the new Captain has been decided about which we will reveal full information.

10:30-10:45 Vikas plays a brilliant game and asks Puneesh to tell Hina that he is dismissing Luv from this race because of her. This will create a rift between Luv and Hina. Puneesh agrees and Vikas gives him the sequence next. He says that Hina will be disqualified next and then they can decide between Priyank, Vikas and Arshi. Vikas promises Luv and says that he would definitely choose him over Priyank.

All the housemates try to decode Vikas’s behavior and try to find out what he is planning to do next. Arshi Khan continues her dirty game and makes Shilpa Shinde’s doll hang from the ceiling. Vikas takes the doll down as he feels that it would not look good on national television. He politely asks Arshi to start respecting people. Luv plays a dumb game once again and asks Vikas about his next move in front of Priyank. Vikas gets irritated because he already clarified his stand in front of Luv.

10:45-11:00 Puneesh talks to Shilpa and says that two love stories were going on in the house. One was his and Bandgi’s and the other one is secret. Luv and Hina’s. Shilpa says that she has seen looks and sights being exchanged between them. On the next buzzer Priyank gets out of the race and Vikas declares it to Arshi that he will make himself the captain. Luv and Priyank get into a fight. Priyank abuses Luv in his anger. Hina talsk to Puneesh and says that he can strike a deal with Luv because he will not make Vikas the captain.

When Vikas gets to know he makes Luv understand the game and plays with his mind once again. As Hiten is carrying Hina’s doll, she gets miffed when Vikas deliberately takes Hiten with him to the washroom. Hina raises a voice and behaves insecure. When the baby cries for the next time, Vikas stops Hiten from parking Hina’s doll.

11:00-11:15 Hina keeps yelling at Hiten and asks him to park her pram. Luv stands outside and Vikas gets ready to disqualify the entire round. Priyank follows Hina’s instructions and starts to dismiss Vikas from the race but Bigg Boss intervenes and stops him. Hina gets hyper and says that Hiten Tejwani is following Vikas blindly and that is his real face. When Vikas feels that he is loosing his plan, he makes a deal with Arshi and gets disqualified himself.

Hiten asks Arshi to go to Hina and say a few hurtful things about him, so that Hina keeps on revealing what is going on in her mind. Luv gets miffed with hina for stopping him when he was doing the same thing himself. He says that it looks as if he is being trained and controlled by her. Luv gets out of the game in the next round. On the final buzzer, Arshi Khan becomes the next captain of the house.

11:15-11:30 Akash Dadlani calls Hiten a loser and Hiten strikes back. He says that he played till the end and gave his best. He sided with his friend and there is nothing wrong in it. Shilpa asks Akash to talk respectfully atleast but Akash get even more hyper. Shilpa tries to make Akash understand and he gives her a kiss on the cheek which accidentally lands up on her lips. Shilpa gets angry and warns Akash not to come near her face.

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