May 28, 2020

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 4 December 2017 Akash Arshi Fight Nominated Contestants Full Details

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 4 December 2017 Akash Arshi Fight Nominated Contestants Full Details :- The very entertaining Bigg Boss Season 11 has entered into its 10th week tonight as we have seen Bandagi getting eliminated from the show in previous Weekend Ka Vaar episode now in todays show another round of nominations has happened and it will be interesting to see who will leave the house this time around.

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 begins with contestants waking up to the song, Gandi Baat. Shilpa Shinde tells Puneesh Sharma that when he went with Bandgi Kalra in the secret room before her evictions, she felt suffocated. Shilpa tells that everyone was sad, except Arshi Khan. She advises him to keep his emotions aside and play the game. Akash Dadlani instigates Arshi Khan and she tells him not to talk to her. He says it out loud to everyone that Arshi considers himself to be hotter than Sunny Leone and Katrina Kaif. He calls her cheap and makes fun of her.

Arshi asks Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi that whom will they support, her or Akash, and they tell her that both of them will be by her side. Hina Khan tells Arshi that he planned to trouble Arshi all this week. Vikas tells Arshi that no one will support Akash except Puneesh, and that he can do anything to be in the game. Luv tells Arshi that Akash knows he will get nominated and that is why he is doing all this.

Puneesh tells Vikas that it’s Arshi, who needs support and not Akash. Vikas replies by saying that he should be careful of Akash as he said that now that Bandgi has been eliminated, he said he will use him.

Luv and Priyank are in the garden area where Priyank tells him that Hina is mad at him because he told that she is insecure. He adds that Hina is making an issue out of a small thing.

Bigg Boss introduces a task wherein the women of the house, Shilpa, Hina are Arshi are the queens for some hours and they all get two male contestants each, who will be like their servants. Hina makes Luv and Puneesh wear a sari and applies lipstick to them too, while Arshi wants a massage from Hiten. Hina gets Puneesh and Luv to give her a foot massage. As for Shilpa, she gets Akash to swipe the floor of the house.

Arshi asks Hiten to take off his T-shirt. Vikas throws Hiten in the pool and Arshi takes a dip too. Vikas also joins them. And they both start singing, Ek Hazaaron mein meri behna hai.

Now it’s time for nominations. Since Vikas is the captain, he is safe. Shilpa is called inside the confession room and she is asked to save one contestant, except Vikas. She saves Puneesh. Luv is called next, and he faces a dilemma between Hina and Priyank. But goes on to save Hina as she saved him more than once before. Puneesh saves Shilpa because he has been by his side when no one was. Hina saves Priyank because he feels a change in his behaviour, and he has been improving. Hiten saves Shilpa as he feels she is playing a good game. Priyank saves Arshi because he feels guilty of what he said to her, and it’s like atonement for him. Arshi saves Hiten because she thinks he is very intelligent and a sane person. Akash saves Shilpa because he feels that Shilpa will be back in her element again and India wants to see that.

Bigg Boss announces that Luv and Akash since none of the housemates saved them. Vikas gets a special power wherein he gets to save one person from Luv and Akash and replace him by nominating someone from the safe lot. Vikas takes sometime to think and he saves Luv and nominates Shilpa as he feels that she is a strong contender.

Everyone starts discussing and Priyank tells Luv that Shilpa won’t go as she is strong. As for Shilpa, she is surprised that Akash saved her. Vikas tells Shilpa that he wanted the strongest contender against Akash and hence he nominated her. Akash tells Arshi, Shilpa and Puneesh that he doesn’t mind going as he has come a long way on the show. Arshi tells that he wouldn’t have been nominated after what he said to her.

Shilpa tells Akash that even though she has been in the industry, but Bigg Boss made her. Arshi and Akash get into another argument during which he calls her fake. Priyank comes up to Hina and apologises to her. She tells him that she is not okay and asks him not to be sorry on the things that have been damaged. He hugs her, and she tells him that if he would have said she is less confident, then it would have been okay, but he shouldn’t have said that she is insecure. She tells him that he gave a point of view to other by saying that. She adds that he shouldn’t have said that on national television. She feels that he is sorry, just because she is hurt, and he doesn’t really feel that she is not insecure. He apologises again, but she says the damage is done.

Arshi asks Akash that why is he taking Shilpa’s side all of a sudden, and he tells her that she is his friend. Akash curses her, but Shilpa asks him not to.

Akash points out that Vikas wanted to save Luv previously too and that he has become a scapegoat. They all are surprised that he survived on the show so far, and Shilpa says it’s destiny. She also adds that Arshi is definitely not going to be the winner.

Puneesh is sitting alone on the couch, and starts crying and tells himself that, “I miss you Bands.” Arshi makes fun of him in the bedroom, but Hiten says that he is really missing her. Hina asks Priyank that what has happened to Luv as he is behaving weirdly. Priyank tells her that he is not talking to him also. Hina feels that he is sad because they both didn’t save him during the nominations.

Voting lines are closed this week, so there will be no eliminations. Chances are that either Shilpa or Akash will go to the secret room.

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