Jan 30, 2020

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 30 November 2017 Kaal kothri Fights Twists Full Details

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 30 November 2017 Kaal kothri Fights Twists Full Details :- The current season of Bigg Boss is gaining more popularity because of controversies coming out of it with every passing episode as we have watched in last night show that Team Shilpa has won the Lilliput aur Danav task all thanks to Bandagi Kalra 30 mins stay in the game which provided her team with a clear edge despite of Chilli put in her eyes. Now tonight we will see three contestants being sent to Kaal Kothri who are these three contestants going to be we will give full details about that in the article further.

After the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss will announce that housemates have to decide which three contestants they want to send to the kaal kothari, and by a democratic process, everyone reaches the conclusion that Puneesh and Bandgi should be sent to jail. The lovebirds will obviously not be happy about this decision and they will rebel against everyone and vow not to go to jail. Along with Puneesh and Bandgi, gharwale will also declare that Arshi should be sent to jail for not completing her task.

Puneesh, Bandagi and Arshi Sent to Kaal Kothri in 9th Week

During the process of deciding who should be sent to jail, Akash will mock Puneesh by calling him Swami Om. This will irk Puneesh, who will further claim that Akash is more like the Swami than he is. In fact, the two will get so carried away with their argument that they will almost come to blows.

Akash calls Puneesh OM Swami

Arshi, who is good friends with Akash, will try and persuade Puneesh to forgive Akash for his mistakes. But Puneesh will get upset and ask her to mind her own business. Bandgi will jump into the discussion and ask Arshi not to side with Akash. An angry Puneesh will promise to throw Akash’s belongings out of the house.

Arshi tries to become Peacemaker between Puneesh and Akash

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