Jan 27, 2020

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 29 November 2017 Lilliput Danav Task Winner Fights Full Details

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 29 November 2017 Lilliput Danav Task Winner Fights Full Details :- This week in Bigg Boss 11 house after the nominations process a new luxury budget task was being given to the housemates which is Lilliput aur Danav in which contestants are divided into two teams already Hina’s team has finished their turn now its the turn of Shilpa’s team to take revenge.

Bigg Boss 11 Day 59 Written Updates

Luv will do the unimaginable tonight by stealing Puneesh and Hiten’s trimmer. When Hiten would find out the culprit behind it, he would lose his cool and lash out at Luv. Vikas, Puneesh and Bandgi will be seen supporting Hiten. Luv, however, will say that it wasn’t his plan alone.

Hiten fights with Luv over Trimmer

Akash will have to endure an extreme torture at the hands of Bandgi, Shilpa, Hiten and Puneesh who rub garlic pieces all over his body, while he would struggle to save his eyes. Simultaneously, the opposition team will also make good use of the wax strips, which will leave him writhing with discomfort. Vikas, the moderator of the task will intervene when he will notice the swelling on Akash’s face. The latter will, however, refuse to give up, and compensate for his no-show in Sultani Akhada last weekend.

Akash faces too much torture during Lilliput aur Danav task

Luv too will be ruthlessly bullied by the dwarfs. Karma will come back to him as he will have sacrifice his beloved hair for messing with Puneesh’s hair. Puneesh will almost make Luv half bald.

Puneesh made Luv half bald during Lilliput aur Danav task

Then it will be Hina Khan’s time to face the outcome of her actions. Bandgi will chop off few strands of her hair to avenge her torture.

Bandagi cuts Hina’s hair during Lilliput aur Danav task

At the end task winner was announced and Team Shilpa wins the Lilliput aur Danav task

Shilpa, Puneesh, Bandagi and Hiten team wins Lilliput aur Danav task

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