Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 28 November 2017 Lilliput Danav Task Fights Full Details

Bigg Boss 11 Written Updates 28 November 2017 Lilliput Danav Task Fights Full Details :- The game of Bigg Boss Season 11 has entered into its 9th week with 10 contestants remaining and after nominations yesterday night in tonights episode of the show we will get to see housemates fighting it out in another luxury budget task as a lot is going to be at stake so it will be entertaining to see which team will win.

Bigg Boss 11 Day 58 Written Updates

The new luxury budget task will be inspired by Jonathan Swift’s satire Gulliver’s Travels. The contestants will be divided into teams of two; that of giants and Lilliputians. The Lilliputians–Hina, Arshi, Luv, and Akash–will have to complete the task on their knees. They are supposed to capture one giant–Hiten, Bandgi, Puneesh, Shilpa–and make them quit the task in the middle by resorting to various means.

Bigg Boss Introduced Luxury Budget Task Lilliput aur Danav

While contestants are supposed to resort to any means to make the other team tap out, Hina will take the task to another level by putting chilli powder into Bandgi’s eyes. When Bandgi will complain about the issue, Vikas will try to intervene, but Hina will make a fuss over it, and tell Bandgi to give up the task to ease her pain. Ouch!

Hina tortures Bandagi during Lilliput aur Danav Task

Akash will take special pleasure in torturing Puneesh, as he will threaten to shave a chunk of Puneesh’s hair. Puneesh will also get waxed, and so will Hiten, as a part of the task. Now it remains to be seen who will end up winning the task. The winners will have an edge over others in the captaincy task.

Akash tries to Shave Puneesh Hair during Lilliput aur Danav Task

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