Jan 30, 2020

Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan 25 November 2017 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan 25 November 2017 Written Updates :- The season 11 of Bigg Boss is currently going on in full swing and tonight we will get to see another Weekend Ka Veer episode when host Salman Khan will come and take class of all the housemates for their wrong doings in the previous week. Further below in this post we will tell you what will happen in the Saturday 25 Nov 2017 ep of BB11.

Host Salman Khan will take Priyank’s class for his body-shaming remarks against Shilpa and Arshi. And the host will walk out of the show at one point, thanks to Akash. Here’s what will happen tonight.

Priyank will be voted as the villain of the house, as contestants will vote for him to get in the katghara. Salman will ask Arshi why she thinks Priyank is the villain of the house, to which Arshi will claim that Priyank had made several unsavory remarks against her after apologising to her profusely. Priyank will try to explain his actions, but fail.

Priyank Becomes the Villain of the House

Host Salman Khan will slam Priyank for his body-shaming remarks against Shilpa and Arshi. In an earlier episode, Priyank had said that Shilpa and Arshi are not fit to become captains as they cannot even run, thanks to their weight. He called them bulls. Salman will take up this issue with Priyank, who will try his best to defend himself. Salman will also question Hina about her failure to inform Shilpa and Arshi about Priyanks’ derogatory comments, as she had done the same for Sapna, when Puneesh and Bandgi had spoken ill about her (Sapna).

Salman Slams Priyank Badly on Body Shaming

Salman will call estranged friends Akash and Puneesh to the Sultani Akhada to solve their differences, but will get upset instead with Akash’s behaviour, who will refuse to hug it out with Puneesh. In the released promo, Salman is seen walking away from the sets of the show, after being unable to placate Akash.

Akash and Puneesh will go to Sultani Akhada Tonight

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