Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Katrina Bandagi Evicted 3 December 2017 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar Salman Katrina Bandagi Evicted 3 December 2017 Written Updates :- The ninth week eviction episode of Bigg Boss Season 11 has already been ended folks and tonight on the show we have seen contestants doing a lot of masti inside the house with Katrina Kaif. Salman Khan also did some fun tasks with the housemates and in the end one contestant got eliminated in an emotional manner.

The episode starts with Katrina, who stayed over for the second episode, entering the house. Katrina interacts with the inmates. The men have to perform a task where they are supposed to impress Katrina. The boys compete to impress Katrina Kaif through this fun competition, where they have to make a roti, then even show off their belly dancing moves.

Akash Dadlani raps while making his roti to impress Katrina Kaif. After some interaction with Salman Khan again, Katrina leaves the house. Bandgi and Puneesh are seen chatting outside, where they are hugging and comforting each other, as Puneesh says he would hate it if Bandgi has to leave the house.

Next, Salman comes on to initiate the Sultani akhaada round. Puneesh is the one against Luv who have to go to the Sultani akhaada today. Puneesh outsmarts Luv in Round one. Luv wins the two physical rounds, which means he walks away with the victory. In the next game, Salman asks Hina to step inside the cold water pool and answer questions. After some poking fun, she is called out. Next to step inside is Vikas.

Then came Shilpa’s turn. After a fun session with Shilpa, Arshi stepped on the edge of the pool. Salman then takes everyone’s opinion one by one on who should walk out of the house and give their reasons. Everyone gives one by one name each, with most of them naming Luv as the one they want to see walking out of the house tonight.

Salman tries to make Luv see that he has to play carefully, and then declares that he is safe. Priyank leaps with joy at the idea and hugs Luv. Salman then plays with him a bit, declaring him safe nevertheless. Salman then sensitively calls out Puneesh and Bandgi out of the house. Says there is only one of them who are eliminated, but they better come out together.

Puneesh asks Bandgi to stay as he leaves, however, she refused. The two said their goodbyes and walked out. Salman says goodbye to the inmates for the day. Salman tells the crowds that both of them will not leave together. Only the one with the least votes does. Salman asks who should go back in the house. Puneesha and Bandgi are both asking each other to go back inside the house. Salman then shows them a video of the times they’ve spent with each other. Both of them get very emotional and teary-eyed.

Salman declares that Bandgi is the one who has to leave. Puneesh kisses her goodbye as she asks him to promise that he’ll win the show for her. It is a very emotional moment for the two. He says he’ll be back soon with the trophy and he will bring it for her. Puneesh then walks back in the house. Everyone greets him back warmly, as he sobs lamenting Bandgi’s departure from the show. Puneesh and Aakash then go to smoke as they discuss that they must befriend Shilpa since she doesn’t have anyone here.

They further set more tactics with Arshi. Next, Shilpa is seen discussing with Puneesh how she’s the only woman. Arshi is talking to Vikas about something. Puneesh is talking about all the bad things that Arshi has done. Salman then bids farewell, ending the episode.

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