Bigg Boss 11 Day 53 Akash Fights Puneesh New Captain Name 23 November 2017 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 11 Day 53 Akash Fights Puneesh New Captain Name 23 November 2017 Written Updates :- The game of Bigg Boss Season 11 is getting more interesting with every passing day and tonight we will be getting to see another new chapter unfolding in this sequence as the two best friends in the house ‘Akash and Puneesh’ will get into the biggest fight of this season.

Bigg Boss 11 Day 52 and 53 Happenings Written

Day 52 continues with the Courtroom DRAMA task where Hina once again starts her cry baby tactics also Puneesh gets into a big fight with Sapna after which Sapna calls him a person with no manners. At the end of the task winner has been announced and Bigg Boss has declared this task scrapped .

No One wins Courtroom Task

Day 53 begins with the morning song after which Bigg Boss calls Hiten to give 5 names with mutual decision with all the housemates for the next Captain of the house and the names which were being finalised are :

Akash, Arshi, Shilpa, Vikas and Hiten

According to the task, participants who performed in the luxury budget task well would get a chance to contend for the captaincy task. Hiten will be of the opinion that Arshi should be allowed to participate in the captaincy task as she had done well in the luxury budget task, however Priyank will disagree, and they will part on a bitter note.

Housemates will force Puneesh to spray on a poster, but Puneesh will refuse to distort the poster, claiming that Akash is his good friend and he cannot do that. But something big will happen as drama queen Hina sprays on the poster of Akash that will upset Akash, and he will yell at the housemates for targeting him. Most likely after which he had a big fight with Puneesh too and Shilpa tries to control him while Hina & co enjoys it.

Hiten Becomes the New Captain of Bigg Boss 11 House

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