Bigg Boss 10 Priyanka Jagga Peed During Task Luxury Budget Shopping Celebs Lost Again 21 October 2016 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Priyanka Jagga Peed During Task Luxury Budget Shopping Celebs Lost Again 21 October 2016 Written Updates :- In only the opening four days of Bigg Boss 10 the Jail in the garden area has got its first two prisoners as Monalisa and Swami OMJI were being sent to the jail for indefinite time. Also Priyanka Jagga did a Karva Chauth Nautanki as she did Puja when moon was not even visible and she was not observing the fast too during this she had a fight with fellow contestant Monalisa as Monalisa told Priyanka to do everything as per the rituals otherwise don’t do all this drama.


Bigg Boss 10 Day 5 Happenings Written

On day 5 in Bigg Boss 10 housemates wake up on morning song Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

Swami OMJI was having a lot of trouble in the jail as he is suffering from heat and says that Bigg Boss please arrange some air conditioner I accept that I am a Dongi (Fake) otherwise I will run away Priyanka Jagga came to him and says stop doing all this as whole India is watching you.

Later in the day Bigg Boss makes an important announcement all the housemates gathered in the garden area he says that Commoners failed to fulfill their duties well so Bigg Boss is giving Celebrities another chance to become the Maaliks of the house then a Saata Parivartan task was being announced.

From both the teams two contestants have to sit on Toy horse and when sound happens they have to drink a full mug of water opponent teams can also torture them to force them leave the horse

Bani was the first one to quit the task as she says that she cannot pee in front of the whole India on national television then Naveen too leaves the task

Priyanka Jagga peed in front of the cameras finally Gaurav leaves the task

Commons Wins Satta Parivartan Task

Celebrities Lost Satta Parivartan Task Again

Priyanka Jagga made Bani wash her dirty clothes in which she has peed

Bigg Boss called the Celebrities to the living room and tells Commoners to come in activity area Celebs have to make a list of 18 items which they want as Luxzury budget while Commoners have to pick the items the items which gets matched they can get rest they have to give back to Bigg Boss

At the end of the day Monalisa was seen crying alone in Jail saying that she has not done a murder so why Bigg Boss is keeping her in prison for so long.

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