Bigg Boss 10 Monalisa Lopamudra Hot Pool Karan Nitibha in Jail Bani Gaurav Rahul Punished 3 November 2016 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Monalisa Lopamudra Hot Pool Karan Nitibha in Jail Bani Gaurav Rahul Punished 3 November 2016 Written Updates :- In the second day of the luxury budget task ‘Raja aur Runk’ Celebrities team successfully completed all the secret tasks after which Bigg Boss announced them as the winners and they became Maaliks again while Commoners are now Sevaks. Swami OMJI gets too much disappointed with Manu as he gets kissed by Monalisa which was a part of Celebs secret task but Manu told him to calm down as everything happened in a fun manner now it will be very interesting to see what will happen next on BB10.


Bigg Boss 10 Day 18 Happenings Written

On day 18 early morning in the Bigg Boss 10 house ladies of the house Lopamudra and Monalisa went in the swimming pool while men watched them from outside Manu and especially Swami OMJI gets too much happy watching them in bikinis

Later in the day Bigg Boss tells both Commoners and Celebrities team to give one name from each team who have performed worst in the Raja aur Runk task and after too much of discussion and arguments Celebrities have Karan Mehra name while Commoners gave Nitibha name

Karan Mehra Gets Jailed in Bigg Boss 10 Week 3

Nitibha Kaul Gets Jailed in Bigg Boss 10 Week 3

Rohan Mehra told Swami OMJI to clean the whole gym but OMJI refused his order saying that he is asking him to do this because he is trying to take revenge from him

Gaurav, Bani and Rahul break rule the biggest rule of the house by talking in English and gets a harsh punishment from Bigg Boss according to which the trio has been given a sewing machine, which has a lantern hung to it. All three have to keep paddling the machine in order to keep the lantern flaming continuously If the swing stops at night, the lights of Bigg Boss 10 house will be put on and all the contestants have to stay awake

At night Bani J suffered an emotional breakdown and she cried in front of Gaurav confessing that no one in the house cares for her as she was suffering from a lot of pain since morning and no one asked her regarding her health.

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