Bigg Boss 10 Luxury Budget Task Raaz Swami OMJI Fights Lopamudra Akanksha 18 Oct 2016 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Luxury Budget Task Raaz Swami OMJI Fights Lopamudra Akanksha 18 Oct 2016 Written Updates :- On the opening day of Bigg Boss 10 the house was being divided into two groups which are Commoners and Celebrities and Bigg Boss announced that from now on Common people are Maalik (Boss) while the Celebs are their Sevaks (Servents) which created some rift between the two parties on the Day 1 itself also the nominations process took place after which Priyanka, Manu, Gaurav and Monalisa got nominated now it will be interesting to see what will happen next.


Bigg Boss 10 Day 2 Happenings Written

On day 2 in Bigg Boss 10 housemates wake up on morning song Gupt Gupt from Gupt movie

Early in the morning Priyanka Jagga shows some attitude being a Maalik on the breakfast table telling that Bani tried to insult her and she needs to be punished but Gaurav sorted out everything.

Pragya Jagga tells Lopamudra to bring an Appy Fizz for her but Lopamudra said you should rather eat an Apple because an apple a day keeps the doctor away which Priyanka didn’t take it in a funny away and tried to create a scene again.

Later in the day all the housemates get together in the living area and Salman Khan came on the JIO TV says that Commoners before coming to the house puts a secret of their’s in a bottle Bigg Boss then introduced the first luxury budget task which is Raaz (Secret) where from time to time all the Celebs have to guess which secret belongs to which commoner and if they guess the most of them then Maaliks will become Sevaks and Sevaks will become Maaliks.

Swami OMJI gave life threat to Loopamudra if she reveals his secret which was taken very serious by her and then she requested Bigg Boss to tell him not to do it after which Bigg Boss called him in confession room asks him not to repeat this again.

Bigg Boss asked a riddle which belongs to Akanksha Sharma, Gaurav Chopra guessed it right Swami OMJI said that in Commoners there is DNA of slavery hearing which Akanksha pounced at him and tells him to shut up.

Gaurav was having a romantic moment with Akanksha seeing which OMJI tells him that Akanksha wants to trap you as she is a characterless women and even ruining the image of her ex husband on this show.

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