Bigg Boss 10 Luxury Budget Task Raaz Rohan Manu Fight 19 October 2016 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Luxury Budget Task Raaz Rohan Manu Fight 19 October 2016 Written Updates :- Bigg Boss yesterday on day 2 announced the first luxury budget task of season 10 named Raaz (Secret) in which the Celebrities have to guess the secrets of Commoners as BB asked them some riddles and if they successfully make most of the right guesses then they will become Maaliks while Commoners become Sevaks. Also Swami OMJI showed his true colors as he gave a death threat to Lopamudra Raut if she reveals his secret for which later he has to apologize.


Bigg Boss 10 Day 3 Happenings Written

At night Commoners made another plan to irritate Celebrities as they tell Swami OMJI to ask for food at night when they were sleeping he did the same while cooking in the kitchen at night Rahul called OMJI a ‘Tharki Buddha’ in a funny way which he doesn’t taken in a light manner and starts abusing him after which everyone calms him down.

On day 3 in Bigg Boss 10 housemates wake up on morning song Parde Mein Rehne Do from Shikar movie

Early in the morning at the breakfast table Manu and Rohan had a huge fight as Manu was at fault at that point of time and Priyanka Jagga took Manu side but all the celebrities stood by Rohan later Priyanka Jagga takes Rohan in the washroom and asked him to wash her clothes. Monalisa cried and told Bigg Boss that she wants to go out as this place is not suitable for her.

In the afternoon Bigg Boss asked Celebs another riddle which they have to answer later right answer was Nitibha but they say Lokesh and they failed again

Bigg Boss yet again asked Celebrities a riddle which belong to Swami OMJI and they guessed it right that time

Later Swami OMJI caught playing double game when he was seen saying to Gaurav in the bathroom that Commoners are using him but his truth gets revealed in front of Commoners.

Bigg Boss asked Celebrities about one more secret Celebrities took Priyanka Jagga name but they were again wrong

In the night Priyanka Jagga asked Rohan to bring water for her he did the same but by mistake he drops it on her and she gets angry.

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