Apr 4, 2020

Bigg Boss 10 Immunity Task Lopamudra vs Bani Winner Appy Fizz Task 4 November 2016 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Immunity Task Lopamudra vs Bani Winner Appy Fizz Task 4 November 2016 Written Updates :- Celebrities are now the Maaliks of the Bigg Boss 10 house as they successfully managed to win Raja aur Runk task after which BB asked both the teams to give one name each for the jail after so much of discussions Nitibha and Karan are being sent in the prison. Bani has shown her displeasure among the other fellow teammates in front of Gaurav as they both along with Rahul got punished by Bigg Boss for breaking the rule of talking in English in the house now it will be interesting to watch how the drama unfolds next.


Bigg Boss 10 Day 19 Happenings Written

In the early morning Bani and Gaurav catch a chat in the luggage room about the situation of their team Bani says to Gaurav that the way things are going it’s pretty clear that Lopa, Rohan & Rahul are one team & Gaurav, Bani & Karan the other. Gaurav says but I don’t want any confrontation to happen Bani says it will definitely happen for sure.

After that Swami Omji discusses with housemates that he is deeply upset about his behaviour in the Bigg Boss house and had not expected him to stoop so low. Omji further goes onto say that he feels guilty during his prayers as he is not living up to being true to God Swamiji feels he is going on the wrong route by getting into fights and losing control on his tongue at times

Later in the day Bogg Boss announced Appy Fizz Task: Teams were asked questions about the opposing team revealing intimate details abt their perceptions pertaining to each other

When it was Lopamudra turn, she found herself face-to-face with Nitibha who would respond to questions about Lopa’s preferences in the house Nitibha guessed that Lopa might feel that Rahul is the hottest guy in the house, Lopamudra deemed her wrong & revealed that she feels it’s Gaurav. Gaurav blushed and smiled at the compliment. But Rahul had serious doubts about being labelled ‘hot’ and couldn’t stop shaking his head!

During Appy Fizz Task, Manveer was asked who according to Bani is the hottest male HM he guessed it to be Gaurav but Bani says it’s Manveer.

Manveer asked who according to him Rohan go on a date with he says Lopamudra but it was wrong as he says its Lokesh Kumari

Later in the day Bigg Boss gave an immunity task to Lopamudra also mentioning to discuss with her team which other two teammates are to be chosen to carry out the task. After a round and round table of discussion the Celebrity team decides that Monalisa, Bani and Lopamudra will compete for the immunity task!

As per the task Contestants have to attach themselves to a pair of ski bindings, there has to be constant movement and no contestant should fall off! if they fall off, they are out. But hold on, they don’t get individual bindings, its one pair divided for the three Bani goes all out to win this with her tricks. At first she has Mona out by pushing her down and then Bani tries to mess with Lopamudra in order to get her way but to no avail.

Sanchalak Navin tells BB that Bani’s balance went off the bindings & since Lopa’s one foot is still attached to the binding, she has won!

Lopamudra wins Immunity Task

Bani J lost Immunity Task

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