Jun 1, 2020

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 24 October 2016 Nominated Contestants Names Voting Details Week 2nd BB10

Bigg Boss 10 Episode 24 October 2016 Nominated Contestants Names Voting Details Week 2nd BB10 :- In the first week of Bigg Boss 10 a shocking eviction took place as biggest drama queen of the house Priyanka Jagga got eliminated and now only 14 contestants are remaining in the house as the days passes we will see new twists and turns in BB10 house also new dimensions are being formed with the passing time and we will reveal all regarding that in our article further.


All the Commoners started planning and plotting for the next nominations process after the eviction of Priyanka Jagga as who they want to target from the Celebrities suddenly Bigg Boss called all the participants to gather in the living area and as a punishment by him now the Celebs are Maaliks and Commoners are their Sevaks. In the second week nomination process ‘Bigg Boss’ introduced a major twist according to which the nomination are going to be in the open between Celebrities vs Indiawaale as whom you want to nominate you can put the foam on their face.

Bigg Boss 10 Who Nominated Whom 24th October 2016

Manveer nominated Rohan and Gaurav

Rohan nominated Manveer and Manu

Nitibha nominated Lopamudra and Monalisa

Bani nominated Manveer and Manu

Swami OMJI nominated Gaurav and Bani

Lopamudra nominated Nitibha and Manveer

Akanksha nominated Rahul and Monalisa

Rahul nominated Swami OMJI and Akanksha

Manu nominated Rohan and Gaurav

Monalisa nominated Akanksha and Nitibha

Lokesh nominated Monalisa and Gaurav

Gaurav nominated Manu and Manveer

Naveen nominated Rohan and Gaurav

Karan nominated Manveer and Manu

Nominated Celebs – Rohan Mehra, Monalisa and Gaurav Chopra

Nominated Commoners – Nitibha Kaul, Manveer Gurjar, Akanksha Sharma and Manu Punjabi

Nominated Contestants – Monalisa, Gaurav, Manu, Manveer, Akanksha, Nitibha and Rohan

So the contestants who got nominated after the nomination process are :-

Gaurav Chopra – 5 Votes
Manveer Gurjar = 5 Votes
Manu Punjabi – 4 Votes
Monalisa – 3 Votes
Rohan Mehra – 3 Votes
Nitibha Kaul – 2 Votes
Akanksha Sharma – 2 Votes

Bigg Boss 10 Week 2 Nominated Contestants Voting Details & SMS Codes

  • To Save Gaurav Chopra SMS GAU – 56882
  • To Save Manveer Gurjar SMS MAN – 56882
  • To Save Manu Punjabi SMS MNU – 56882
  • To Save Monalisa SMS MON – 56882
  • To Save Rohan Mehra SMS ROH – 56882
  • To Save Akanksha SMS AKA – 56882
  • To Save Nitibha Kaul SMS NIT – 56882

You can also log onto official Bigg Boss Colors Website to save your favourite contestant from getting evicted i.e. http://www.colorstv.com/in/biggboss/voting.

Note : Voting lines are opened from Monday 24th October 2016 11:30 PM till Thursday 27 October 2016 11:30 PM

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