Bigg Boss 10 Bani Shouts Raja Runk Task Winner 2 November 2016 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 10 Bani Shouts Raja Runk Task Winner 2 November 2016 Written Updates :- In the third week luxury budget task bigg boss came up with the innovative concept of Raja aur Runk where Commoners team became the Kings while the Celebrities were their Slaves and they have to do whatever they were asked to. In all that Celebrities were also being assigned a secret task in which they have to click pictures of all the housemates through a hidden camera in the positions given to all of them.


Bigg Boss 10 Day 17 Happenings Written

On day 17 in Bigg Boss 10 housemates wake up on morning song Love You Raja

While playing the kitchen with a knife Rohan Mehra accidently hits Bani with it after which she suffers an injury when everyone went to see her she shouts at all of them and tells them to go away there was a big cut on Bani’s stomach

Later in the day Bigg Boss warns Rohan Mehra not to repeat the same mistake ever again after which he apologized to Bani and cried under his blanket

A fight happened between Nitibha and Lopamudra when Nitibha tells her to bring tea for her

Bani throws Lokesh Kumari in swimming pool along with Rohan Mehra after which Swami OMJI called Lokesh characterless

Swami OMJI took a bath with the girls in Jacuzzi

The task result was being announced and Celebrities became the maaliks of the house again as they were the winners

Team Celebrities wins Raja aur Runk Task

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