Bhooloham Tamil Movie 2nd Day Collection Box Office Kamai Friday Report

Bhooloham Tamil Movie 2nd Day Collection Box Office Kamai Friday Report :- Tollywood sports-action film directed by N. Kalyanakrishnan and produced by Aascar Film ‘Bhooloham’ has been released in theatres worldwide this Thursday 24 December 2015 a day before Christmas has unfortunately failed to impress the audience at box office India. The Tamil drama which features Jayam Ravi and Trisha Krishnan in lead roles has not reked the kind of earnings that its makers have previously expected as both the main stars are very big and popular names in South film industry. Even Pasanga 2 which is a remake of Bollywood move Taare Zameen Par has done much better then this thriller at domestic markets on the opening day.


Tamil film Bhooloham revolves around an IPL-like tournament meant to take boxing to the masses. To heighten the tournament’s reach, like in many reality shows, the show’s head, Deepak, begins to play god and treats the participants as puppets to gain in TRP ratings, with little regard to the damage caused to the participants’ lives. There’s a terrific pre-interval scene where Bhooloham, after having given up boxing, is brought back to the sport following an elaborate conspiracy. However, the most thrilling encounter in the film is a verbal duel between Bhooloham and Deepak that happens across a negotiation table, quite far away from the boxing ring.

It is from here that the film begins to fall apart. The changes Bhooloham’s character goes through—from a violent boxer, to a harmless saint to a boxer again—happen so fast that he comes across as fickle rather than a guy who’s changed by his circumstances. So, when he begins to preach against the evils of capitalism, we’ve lost almost all connection with his confusing character. And by the time we get to the final duel, we’re hardly interested in its outcome. Instead, we wonder if Deepak, given the enormous hype surrounding the final fight, stands to lose anything at all.Ironically, for a film that stands against greedy media organisations taking advantage of humans for TRP ratings,

There is also a particularly regressive love track involving Sindhu (Trisha). She, being a big fan of Bhooloham, sports several tattoos of him all over her body. One of Bhooloham’s pet obsessions is uncovering Sindhu’s clothing, one by one, to catch a glimpse of these tattoos.

The film has got a huge improvement in its biz on Friday as people went in enormous numbers to watch this venture. Trisha Krishnan is receiving a lot of appreciation from youngsters as she is appearing very hot playing the role of Gowri Sindhu in this movie. Speaking about Bhooloham 2nd day overall occupancy well it was recorded around 85% which is just brilliant.

Bhooloham Second Day Collection – Rs 11 crore (approx)

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