Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay 19th Day Collection 3rd Tuesday Box Office Kamai Report

Ajay Devgn’s Shivaay 19th Day Collection 3rd Tuesday Box Office Kamai Report :- Previous month big Bollywood release Shivaay is right now raking satisfactory collection from the box office India markets despite of the Demonetization scheme that was being launched by PM Modi Government recently still the business of this movie is not getting effected that much as people are still showing a lot of interest in viewing this venture and they are going in satisfactory numbers to their near by cinema halls to view this Ajay Devgn produced directorial and starrer action packed thriller. Many people are saying that the collection figures Shivaay makers are giving are absolutely fake but who care.


Shivaay 19th Day Overall Occupancy Rate

Throwing light on the collection that this film has collected today well as of noon Shivaay 3rd Tuesday overall occupancy rate has been estimated around 5% which is not good but average and looking at the audience mood at the present moment chances of any betterment in these figures by the end of the night are appearing a lot less currently.

Below are the complete 19 days collection figures of Shivaay that this Ajay Devgn, Sayyeshaa Saigal and Erika Kaar starrer action film has collected from Box Office India Performance :

Shivaay 1st Day Collection – Rs 10.26 crore

Shivaay 2nd Day Collection – Rs 10.06 crore

Shivaay 3rd Day Collection – Rs 8.26 crore

Shivaay 4th Day Collection – Rs 17.35 crore

Shivaay 5th Day Collection – Rs 11.05 crore

Shivaay 6th Day Collection – Rs 7.40 crore

Shivaay 7th Day Collection – Rs 6.05 crore

Shivaay 8th Day Collection – Rs 4.61 crore

Shivaay 9th Day Collection – Rs 5.40 crore

Shivaay 10th Day Collection – Rs 7.08 crore

Shivaay 11th Day Collection – Rs 4 crore (approx)

Shivaay 12th Day Collection – Rs 2.90 crore (approx)

Shivaay 13th Day Collection – Rs 2.40 crore (approx)

Shivaay 14th Day Collection – Rs 1.70 crore (approx)

Shivaay 15th Day Collection – Rs 1.55 crore (approx)

Shivaay 16th Day Collection – Rs 0.90 crore (approx)

Shivaay 17th Day Collection – Rs 1.10 crore (approx)

Shivaay 18th Day Collection – Rs 1.60 crore (approx)

Shivaay 19th Day Collection – Rs 0.70 crore (approx)

Shivaay Total Nineteen Days Collection – Rs 104.35 crore (approx)

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